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Accounting Study Guide

This study guide is set up to supplement classroom work from basic accounting rules to advanced level rules. After completing the study guide, students should be able to journalize transaction, prepare financial statements, and utilize ratios to analyze financial statements.

The study guide is divided into five sections: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Theory with a video section linking to an online web source. Finally, for students who need help developing their study skills, preparing for a test, and employing test taking strategies, the strategy section provides links to relevant web sites.

Basic Accounting

The links below will provide students with accounting definitions, equations and examples of the transactions posted in the accounting equation.

Accounting Study Guide

Bookkeeping Tutorial

Accounting Equation and Terms

Student will learn how to apply the accounting equation in journalizing transactions

Accounting Equation

Intermediate Accounting

At the intermediate level, the links below will take the students to sites that cover Debit and Credit, T-accounts, Journal Entries, Depreciation, and Financial Statements such as Balance Sheets and Income Statements.Principles of Accounting: debit and credit

Journals -Transactions first recorded using Debits and Credits

General Journal Entries

T-accounts- (T-accounts are temporary journal accounts used to journalize transactions)

Accounting Depreciation

Definition of Depreciation

A Brief Overview of Depreciation

Bank Reconciliation

Trial Balance


Income Statements Single Step


Advanced Accounting

Students who now understand balance sheets and income statements can go on to use financial ratios to analyze financial statements. The links below will take the student to sites that show how to use financial ratios to analyze balance sheets and income statements

Financial Ratios Analysis and Cash Flows

Theory of Accounting

Glossary of terms and a complete outline of accounting can be found at the sites listed below. Students will also find drill exercises and practice problems such as journalizing transactions and applying the accounting equation to keep accounting in balance

Accounting Courses Online Review and Practice Materials

Accounting Coach

Accounting Assessment Exam Review - Module 1

Exercises and Problem Solving

Practice problems are available from the links below. Accounting Quizzes

How to study and write for Accounting

Videos on Banking and Money

Banking 1

Banking 2: A bank's income statement

Banking 3: Fractional Reserve Banking

Banking 4: Multiplier effect and the money supply

Banking 5: Introduction to Bank Notes

Banking 6: Bank Notes and Checks

Banking 7: Giving out loans without giving out gold

Banking 8: Reserve Ratios

Banking 9: More on Reserve Ratios (Bad sound)

Banking 10: Introduction to leverage (bad sound)

Banking 11: A reserve bank

Banking 12: Treasuries (government debt)

Banking 13: Open Market Operations

Banking 14: Fed Funds Rate

Banking 15: More on the Fed Funds Rate

Banking 16: Why target rates vs. money supply

Banking 17: What happened to the gold?

Banking 18: Big Picture Discussion

The Discount Rate

Repurchase Agreements (Repo transactions)

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

Fractional Reserve Banking Commentary 1

FRB Commentary 2: Deposit Insurance

FRB Commentary 3: Big Picture


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