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Service – It’s What We Do!

March 11, 2010

At Metropolitan College of New York, our students are committed to using what they learn both inside and outside of the classroom to transform the world around them. That dedication to helping others has earned us a place on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the highest federal recognition a college can receive for its commitment to service-learning and civic engagement.

MCNY students and faculty deserve all the credit. This honor goes to each person on this campus that identified a challenge, organized a group of committed individuals and worked to be part of the solution. Teaching kidsmanaging afterschool programshelping patients on the road to recovery — our students did all this and more. We believe that service is how we will meet the challenges of our time, and we are proud that our students exhibited the leadership needed to make an impact on future direction of our nation.

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Reflections of Graduation: MS Ed., Master of Science in Childhood Education

September 8, 2009

MCNY recently celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony.

Throughout the summer, we posted  reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

Last but not least we have Lesile Kaplan, a graduate of the Master of Science in Education program:

A little over a year ago I enrolled in the one year Masters of Science in Childhood Education program. From the beginning, I set myself a goal to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Everyone thought I was crazy to put that kind of pressure on myself during such a rigorous program. But my perseverance and determination, was the direct result of my philosophy that if one puts one’s mind to it, one can achieve anything in life. And all of you graduating here today are proof of that..”

– Lesile Kaplan, Master of Science in Education

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May 12, 2009

Metropolitan College of New York provides you a pathway to a teaching career in our 12 month Master’s of education program. The intensity of the program under expert guidance by practicing educators enables you to be prepared to meet the demands of the 21st Century needed by both professional educators and students alike.

The intensive three semester rigorous curriculum imbues prospective educators with the skills, knowledge and professional dispositions required by our schools.
The ultimate experience at Metropolitan College enables our prospective teachers to create environments that excite and motivate students to strive for excellence.

As a Principal of 28 years and an educator for over 42 years I know the qualities required and needed by educators to meet the academic, social and intellectual needs of students in the 21st century. The focus on maintaining high standards is critical and this is most pervasive throughout the curriculum at Metropolitan College.

Our goal is to provide students with the impetus to become thinkers, doers and risk-takers. The breaking of the glass ceiling our politicians talk about is superseded in our Masters in Education program. Our emphasis is in creating stained glass windows in every classroom. Classrooms where standards are high and we meet the needs of all the children and they are inspired to achieve at the highest level.

How do we measure our success? Since the program began, more than four years ago, every student who graduated and has since applied for a teaching position, has found gainful employment in our schools. There, everyday, they are ensuring the success of the young students as they move on through elementary schools as eager learners who expect only the best from their teachers.

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Dr. Leonard Golubchick is the Title V COOP Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan College of New York.


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