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May 12, 2009

Metropolitan College of New York provides you a pathway to a teaching career in our 12 month Master’s of education program. The intensity of the program under expert guidance by practicing educators enables you to be prepared to meet the demands of the 21st Century needed by both professional educators and students alike.

The intensive three semester rigorous curriculum imbues prospective educators with the skills, knowledge and professional dispositions required by our schools.
The ultimate experience at Metropolitan College enables our prospective teachers to create environments that excite and motivate students to strive for excellence.

As a Principal of 28 years and an educator for over 42 years I know the qualities required and needed by educators to meet the academic, social and intellectual needs of students in the 21st century. The focus on maintaining high standards is critical and this is most pervasive throughout the curriculum at Metropolitan College.

Our goal is to provide students with the impetus to become thinkers, doers and risk-takers. The breaking of the glass ceiling our politicians talk about is superseded in our Masters in Education program. Our emphasis is in creating stained glass windows in every classroom. Classrooms where standards are high and we meet the needs of all the children and they are inspired to achieve at the highest level.

How do we measure our success? Since the program began, more than four years ago, every student who graduated and has since applied for a teaching position, has found gainful employment in our schools. There, everyday, they are ensuring the success of the young students as they move on through elementary schools as eager learners who expect only the best from their teachers.

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Posted by Dr. Leonard Golubchick in Master of Science in Childhood Education, Professors. Comments Off on BUILDING EXCELLENCE: TEACHING FOR THE 21 ST CENTURY ECONOMIES!

Dr. Leonard Golubchick is the Title V COOP Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan College of New York.

Using Social Media for Career Networking

November 4, 2008

Social media is quickly becoming an important component of the online landscape. Besides changing the way we communicate online, it has also made it easier for us to communicate, share and express ideas.

One use of social media is social networking. Social networking helps you to not only to stay connected to your friends, but also to find professional opportunities as well. To see social media “in action”, check out this video.

The most popular career-based social networking site is called LinkedIn. LinkedIn enables you to create a profile, fill out a resume and join groups based on affiliation or interests. MCNY has a group on LinkedIn. To join the group, visit

You can also see who already has a profile on the site. LinkedIn allows you to login to the email account of your choice and then it does a search of your contacts you already have and matches them up to their online profiles. You can then request a connection.

Testimonials are key on LinkedIn, so it is important to ask professors, as well as current and past colleagues to go to LinkedIn and write them for you. Prospective employers and clients are more likely to contact you based on the testimonials you receive from past connections, more than the actual resume. You can also search for jobs and see who in your network can help you with an introduction to an individual you would like to connect with.

Also if you have a question, you can feel free to ask it in the “Answers” section, and people can respond back.

Another social networking site that is gaining momentum in the business world is Facebook. To learn how to keep you professional and personal lives separate, click here. MCNY also has a fan page on Facebook. It is also located on the MCNY Social Networking page.

Social networking can offer an “inside track” to learning about jobs and getting your name in front of people who might be in a position to help your career.

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Posted by Stephanie Cockerl in Alumni, Guest Blogger, MBA in Media Management, Professors. Comments Off on Using Social Media for Career Networking

Stephanie Cockerl is MCNY MBA Media Management Alumni and MCNY Business Professor (2003-2006)


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