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November 11, 2014

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Transitioning into a college campus – whether in a community or four-year university setting – can be overwhelming for first-year students in spite of their previous academic training and preparation. By far the two most important ingredients needed to succeed academically include being resourceful and [to some degree] collective skill. In the mesh of identifying then developing specific attributes [quickly] to jump-start a collegiate career, add post-traditional characteristics: delayed enrollment; financial independence; full-time employment while enrolled; having dependents; single parent; and more. This is now the norm seen across enrollment offices throughout the country.

Student veterans, since being appointed veteran liaison in 2013, exhibit more than two nontraditional characteristics and share some similarities with their classmates – yet have a noteworthy characteristic most post-traditional or non-traditional students do not have: transitioning from military service to civilian life.

As I begin to identify MCNY’s role in supporting student veterans, I cannot begin without paying homage to Student Veterans of America. Founded in 2008, they remain committed to shaping the landscape of veteran welfare in higher education and their research associating the importance of student veterans’ graduation rate and our nation’s economy or return on investment through the GI Bill.

Metropolitan College of New York joined Student Veterans of America in February, 2013 and has received Military Friendly status for 5 consecutive years. The college has been able to reach such significance for the following reasons:

• MCNY offers veterans completely free tuition through Operation Tuition Freedom and covers the difference between any federal/state GI benefits and total tuition to ensure our Vets graduate debt-free.
• College credit recommendations from Joint Services Transcripts (JST) are taken into consideration. Therefore, student veterans are able to utilize their military training which allows them to graduate sooner.
• Student veterans have immediate and unlimited access to academic, career, and financial resources through the Learning Enhancement Center, Career Services, and Student Services.
• Consistent and sustained support for student veterans is achieved by assigning point-persons in admissions, registrar, financial aid, and Student Veterans Association (SVA) sponsor.
• Servicing student veterans by collaborating with community based organizations and government agencies such as The Department of Veteran Affairs, Wounded Warriors Project, and United War Veterans Council.

Recently, MCNY held its annual Veteran Social which allowed student veterans to learn about available services, meet with members from SVA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, showcase work of student veterans, and create awareness for upcoming activities.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014, staff, faculty, and current students will march alongside SVA at America’s Parade in New York City as a salutation to all that have served. I am emotionally overwhelmed and forever grateful for their sacrifice and proud of their accomplishments – I am one of many who see the benefits of the GI Bill at MCNY and the importance of providing a multitude of services to help veteran students succeed.

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Associate Director of Admission & Veteran Liaison

Craig Mosier, Bachelor of Business Administration Alumnus

April 27, 2010

Recently, we asked Craig Mosier, a recent alumnus of the Bachelor of Business Administration program some questions about his experience at MCNY and where it has led him.

What made you choose MCNY to pursue your degree?

“I moved to New York City in the summer of 2006. I had started my education at a small liberal arts college in Ohio and was looking to finish my degree while also working full-time in New York. I found MCNY and realized all of this was possible, in the same time frame as my initial college plan. MCNY offered huge advantages that most other colleges simply did not. MCNY’s Constructive Action method to teaching made it possible for me to apply what I was learning in the classroom to my actual experience in the workplace.”

How did you apply what you learned in the classroom toward your career?

“I applied much of what I learned in the classroom toward my career. The interaction with professors who were not only well-versed in their field, but also brought actual professional experience to the table was priceless. At MCNY, I was given the opportunity to intern at a large corporation directly relating to the field I was interested in pursuing post-graduation. I feel the skills and experience I gained from my internship really challenged me to both graduate on top as well as provide me with contacts in my job search after graduation. My internship really gave me an advantage over other candidates and led me to my current position.”

Where are you working now?

“I was recently offered a personal banker position at Citibank. I have to believe this is a direct result of the opportunities I was given at MCNY, specifically my internship. I can remember first walking through the doors of MCNY and seeing nothing but promise ahead. MCNY helped me realize my career goals and better myself as a person. I highly recommend MCNY to any student looking to further their personal and professional goals.”

Any other accomplishments you would like to share?

“I currently serve as one of the LIVESTRONG Army Leaders for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and am an active cancer advocate. I also am a runner and a cyclist. I completed a marathon in 2008 and look forward to competing in a triathlon some time in the next year.”

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Service – It’s What We Do!

March 11, 2010

At Metropolitan College of New York, our students are committed to using what they learn both inside and outside of the classroom to transform the world around them. That dedication to helping others has earned us a place on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the highest federal recognition a college can receive for its commitment to service-learning and civic engagement.

MCNY students and faculty deserve all the credit. This honor goes to each person on this campus that identified a challenge, organized a group of committed individuals and worked to be part of the solution. Teaching kidsmanaging afterschool programshelping patients on the road to recovery — our students did all this and more. We believe that service is how we will meet the challenges of our time, and we are proud that our students exhibited the leadership needed to make an impact on future direction of our nation.

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Sheila Speller, MBA in Media Management Alumna

November 10, 2009

Sheila Speller, an alumna of  the MBA in Media Management , is president and founder of Orielle Creative Company LLC. Her Company produced the Off-Broadway commercial production of …Another Man’s Poison at The Peter Jay Sharp Theater, NYC.

Ms. Speller is also the Theatrical General Manager.Ms. Speller produced the Equity Staged Reading of …Another Man’s Poison (2008), and currently has three plays and one full musical in development. In addition to theatrical producing, her company develops customized Business Plans and Presentation Packages for producers and theatre productions.

Read more about Sheila at the New York Women in Film and Television website.

Thanks to New York Women in Film and Television for the use of the excerpt.

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The Concept of Constuctive Action

November 4, 2009

Michelle Brown, MCNY’s Audrey Cohen School of Human Services graduate, talks about her Constructive Action (CA) project.

Brought to you by:
The Office of Experiential Learning at MCNY’s Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education

Produced by:
Sunay Tamashev

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Reflections on Graduation: Commencement 2009 Video

September 17, 2009

Now that the Fall semester is well underway, it is always a good time to keep an eye on the finish line. This inspiring video is a recap from the 2009 Commencement Exercises in June.

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Reflections of Graduation: MS Ed., Master of Science in Childhood Education

September 8, 2009

MCNY recently celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony.

Throughout the summer, we posted  reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

Last but not least we have Lesile Kaplan, a graduate of the Master of Science in Education program:

A little over a year ago I enrolled in the one year Masters of Science in Childhood Education program. From the beginning, I set myself a goal to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Everyone thought I was crazy to put that kind of pressure on myself during such a rigorous program. But my perseverance and determination, was the direct result of my philosophy that if one puts one’s mind to it, one can achieve anything in life. And all of you graduating here today are proof of that..”

– Lesile Kaplan, Master of Science in Education

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Reflections of Graduation: MPA, Master of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management

August 25, 2009

MCNY recently celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony.

Throughout the summer, we will be posting reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

This one is from Jacob Neufeld, a graduate of the Master of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management program:

Personally, MCNY provided a superior springboard to my future in emergency management. The education, connections, and friendships I made there will last a long time and allow me to not only excel in my field, but to assist the next generation of emergency managers in the same manner that I was.”

– Jacob Neufeld, Master of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management

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Alumni Cite Major Strengths of MCNY’s Programs

August 18, 2009

The College surveys alumni periodically to gather long-term perceptions about the nature and quality of the educational experience. The results presented below list the top mentions in order of priority. MCNY alumni responding to the 2008 Decennial Alumni Study, cited Quality Faculty, the College’s Unique Curriculum and the Constructive Action as major strengths of the school.

Strengths of MCNY Programs

  1. Quality of Professors
  2. Academics and Curriculum
  3. Constructive Action Process
  4. Building Skills
  5. Accelerated Time Frame/Program Structure
  6. Purpose-Centered Education Model

The unique Purpose-Centered Curriculum at MCNY and the Constructive Action (CA) are key three strengths mentioned by alumni. Classes at the College are designed under four broad dimensions: Self and Others, Systems, Skills and Values and Ethics. A fifth course, called a “Purpose Seminar” helps students connect the dimensions, field experiences and their Constructive Action (CA) project with the Purpose’s key theme. For example, during the seventh semester or Purpose, Urban Studies students focus on Assessing the Needs of Urban Communities, while Business students Develop a Marketing Plan, and Human Services students Develop Empowerment Through Supervision. The diagram below shows the components of MCNY’s unique Purpose Centered Educational Model. The CA is the heart of the College’s Purpose-Centered Education, which entails learning, action and assessment. The CA is a project-based learning method that seeks to resolve or improve a workplace situation. MCNY students integrate classroom learning into their internship or work settings via the CA project and seminar, and they document it in the CA paper. The CA process is used to validate their understanding and implementation of the semester’s Purpose theme.

The CA serves as a source of learning, an opportunity to achieve something that has social and professional value, and a comprehensive method to assess student performance. Moreover, the CA as a process is a unique, transferrable tool that can be applied to virtually any situation – personal or professional. Alumni strongly feel that the CA met their expectations and they recommend it as an excellent learning tool.

Alumni Continue to Use the Constructive Action After Graduation

MCNY Alumni report that the Constructive Action plays a role in their personal and professional life even after leaving the College.

  • 74% Feel the CA has had a Positive Impact on their Professional Career
  • 57% Used the CA in Graduate School
  • 56% Use the CA process in their Professional Life or at Work
  • 47% Use the CA in their Personal or Private Life

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Ed Gillen was the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Metropolitan College of New York.

Reflections of Graduation: MBA, Master of Business Administration

August 11, 2009

MCNY recently celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony.

Throughout the summer, we will be posting reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

This one is from Nina M. Davila, a graduate of the Master in Business Administration program:

One of the unique experiences of my time at MCNY was the opportunity to attend classes with a core group of students.  At the start of the year, we were classmates, but by the end we were friends, business partners, and confidants.

– Nina M. Davila, Master of Business Administration

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