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Reflections of Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration

July 28, 2009

MCNY recently celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony.

Throughout the summer, we will continue to post reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

This one is from Nerissa Williams, a graduate of the Bachelor of  Business Administration program:

When I began my journey as a student at MCNY, I did so with joy and sorrow, joy at the prospect of earning a degree and sorrow at the thought of leaving my loved ones and family to venture into an unknown world far away from the place I call home.

Indeed, on my first day of school, I quickly realized there weren’t any other Grenadians in my class. However, the friendliness of the faculty, staff and my fellow classmates soon laid all my fears to rest and before long I came to feel that MCNY was my home away from home.

– Nerissa Williams, Bachelor of  Business Administration

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Graduates Cite Positive Satisfaction with MCNY Education

July 21, 2009

If you’re considering attending MCNY, you might find the perceptions of real MCNY students and alumni to be of interest in your college selection process. MCNY routinely surveys recent graduates to gauge their opinion of the education provided. The results below, from the 2007-08 graduating class, clearly show that the vast majority (86%) are satisfied with the College.

A very high level of MCNY graduates (80%) said they would recommend the degree program they just completed to a friend considering college. Common reasons to encourage other students to attend MCNY include:

  • Accelerated nature of MCNY’s programs
  • Convenience of academic schedule
  • Quality of instructional programs
  • Ability of the academic programs to enhance professional careers

MCNY is committed to enhancing the educational experience of all of its students. Student feedback from the Annual Graduation Survey, and other outcome assessments, are used by academic planners and administrators to make improvements to programs and services.

MCNY Graduates are Promoted and Earn More

Some of the reasons for this strong willingness to recommend MCNY may stem from the results produced in the employment area. 78% of recent graduates report they are working in full-time positions and 8% are working in part-time jobs. Others are pursuing additional education. MCNY graduates are most commonly employed in the following areas:

  • 37% Nonprofit Human Service/Social Service
  • 15% Healthcare
  • 11% Government
  • 9% Media and Communications

Nearly three in ten 2007-08 graduates (29%) report being promoted since starting at MCNY. Graduates also report earning more income. On average, undergraduate salaries increased $5,000 and graduate level student pay increased $4,972. Considering the accelerated nature of the programs (2 years eight months for undergraduate and typically one year for graduate) this is a significant accomplishment.

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Ed Gillen was the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Metropolitan College of New York.

Reflections of Graduation: Associates of Business Administration

June 30, 2009

MCNY recently celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony.

Throughout the summer, we will continue to reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

This one is from Kassandra Michelle Thompson, a graduate of the Associates of Science in Business Administration:

My choice to further my education was a difficult decision initially. As a single parent, working a full time job, and studying in an accelerated program was very challenging. There were plenty of days when I wanted to give up. But I am a living testament to the fact that no matter how large the obstacles, if one puts one’s mind and heart to it, no obstacle is too great to overcome.

– Kassandra Michelle Thompson, Associates of Science in Business Administration

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MCNY MBA ‘08 Teri Coaxum was selected for TNJ’s 40 Under Forty Achievement Award!

June 20, 2009

MCNY MBA ’08 alumna Teri Coaxum is being honored as one of TNJ’S 40 Under-Forty Dynamic Black Achievers

Teri Coaxum – Deputy State Director for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), New York City, Age: 37

Inspired by her grandmother, Teri Coaxum dreamed of a career in public service, with an eye on law, especially its pinnacle of power, the Supreme Court. “People would often take my grandmother’s kindness for weakness and take advantage of her; I wanted to be in a place to help people like that,” explains Coaxum, deputy state director for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from John Jay College in 1994, she volunteered for New York Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn). “Understanding your candidate and your opponent, engaging the public in the issues of the day, as well as meeting and speaking to people you never would have met otherwise – all those things thrilled me,” she exclaims. “I drank the Kool-Aid of politics and public service; I was hooked!”

In 1997, Coaxum became project manager for the Community Relations Bureau in the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. “I covered six precincts, and encouraged my two daughters by taking them with me to meetings,” explains Coaxum, who is pursuing a law degree. “When I left the DA’s office, they replaced me with three people.”

Sen. Schumer recruited Coaxum in 2004, making her the first African-American woman deputy state director. She oversees the office’s day-to-day operations and makes sure that everyone, including the senator, is on the same page. She still dreams of the Supreme Court. “In the meantime, I get to help a lot more people on this side of justice.”

Quote: “I am blessed and highly favored.”

The Network Journal link

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Reflections of Graduation

June 16, 2009

Congratulations Graduates!

MCNY celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony this past Saturday.

Throughout the summer, we will be posting reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

The first is from Latonji Bishop, a graduate of the Associates of Arts in Human Services Program.

I ask each of you, my fellow graduates, to continue the MCNY tradition of change.  You worked extremely hard for this degree, now, make your degree work for you.

– Latonji Bishop, Associates of Arts in Human Services

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Featured Alumni: Marlon Pando

March 12, 2009

Marlon Pando, an MCNY Alumni, was recently featured in NJBIZ. Pando is the owner of White Lotus Home which produces natural, eco-conscious, and organic home furnishings.

While at MCNY, he obtained a MBA in General Management with a Concentration in International Business.

Learn more about his story here.

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Using Social Media for Career Networking

November 4, 2008

Social media is quickly becoming an important component of the online landscape. Besides changing the way we communicate online, it has also made it easier for us to communicate, share and express ideas.

One use of social media is social networking. Social networking helps you to not only to stay connected to your friends, but also to find professional opportunities as well. To see social media “in action”, check out this video.

The most popular career-based social networking site is called LinkedIn. LinkedIn enables you to create a profile, fill out a resume and join groups based on affiliation or interests. MCNY has a group on LinkedIn. To join the group, visit

You can also see who already has a profile on the site. LinkedIn allows you to login to the email account of your choice and then it does a search of your contacts you already have and matches them up to their online profiles. You can then request a connection.

Testimonials are key on LinkedIn, so it is important to ask professors, as well as current and past colleagues to go to LinkedIn and write them for you. Prospective employers and clients are more likely to contact you based on the testimonials you receive from past connections, more than the actual resume. You can also search for jobs and see who in your network can help you with an introduction to an individual you would like to connect with.

Also if you have a question, you can feel free to ask it in the “Answers” section, and people can respond back.

Another social networking site that is gaining momentum in the business world is Facebook. To learn how to keep you professional and personal lives separate, click here. MCNY also has a fan page on Facebook. It is also located on the MCNY Social Networking page.

Social networking can offer an “inside track” to learning about jobs and getting your name in front of people who might be in a position to help your career.

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Stephanie Cockerl is MCNY MBA Media Management Alumni and MCNY Business Professor (2003-2006)

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