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The Concept of Constuctive Action

November 4, 2009

Michelle Brown, MCNY’s Audrey Cohen School of Human Services graduate, talks about her Constructive Action (CA) project.

Brought to you by:
The Office of Experiential Learning at MCNY’s Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education

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Sunay Tamashev

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Alumni Cite Major Strengths of MCNY’s Programs

August 18, 2009

The College surveys alumni periodically to gather long-term perceptions about the nature and quality of the educational experience. The results presented below list the top mentions in order of priority. MCNY alumni responding to the 2008 Decennial Alumni Study, cited Quality Faculty, the College’s Unique Curriculum and the Constructive Action as major strengths of the school.

Strengths of MCNY Programs

  1. Quality of Professors
  2. Academics and Curriculum
  3. Constructive Action Process
  4. Building Skills
  5. Accelerated Time Frame/Program Structure
  6. Purpose-Centered Education Model

The unique Purpose-Centered Curriculum at MCNY and the Constructive Action (CA) are key three strengths mentioned by alumni. Classes at the College are designed under four broad dimensions: Self and Others, Systems, Skills and Values and Ethics. A fifth course, called a “Purpose Seminar” helps students connect the dimensions, field experiences and their Constructive Action (CA) project with the Purpose’s key theme. For example, during the seventh semester or Purpose, Urban Studies students focus on Assessing the Needs of Urban Communities, while Business students Develop a Marketing Plan, and Human Services students Develop Empowerment Through Supervision. The diagram below shows the components of MCNY’s unique Purpose Centered Educational Model. The CA is the heart of the College’s Purpose-Centered Education, which entails learning, action and assessment. The CA is a project-based learning method that seeks to resolve or improve a workplace situation. MCNY students integrate classroom learning into their internship or work settings via the CA project and seminar, and they document it in the CA paper. The CA process is used to validate their understanding and implementation of the semester’s Purpose theme.

The CA serves as a source of learning, an opportunity to achieve something that has social and professional value, and a comprehensive method to assess student performance. Moreover, the CA as a process is a unique, transferrable tool that can be applied to virtually any situation – personal or professional. Alumni strongly feel that the CA met their expectations and they recommend it as an excellent learning tool.

Alumni Continue to Use the Constructive Action After Graduation

MCNY Alumni report that the Constructive Action plays a role in their personal and professional life even after leaving the College.

  • 74% Feel the CA has had a Positive Impact on their Professional Career
  • 57% Used the CA in Graduate School
  • 56% Use the CA process in their Professional Life or at Work
  • 47% Use the CA in their Personal or Private Life

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Posted by Ed Gillen in Alumni, Constructive Action. Comments Off on Alumni Cite Major Strengths of MCNY’s Programs

Ed Gillen was the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Metropolitan College of New York.


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