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Craig Mosier, Bachelor of Business Administration Alumnus

April 27, 2010


Recently, we asked Craig Mosier, a recent alumnus of the Bachelor of Business Administration program some questions about his experience at MCNY and where it has led him.

What made you choose MCNY to pursue your degree?

“I moved to New York City in the summer of 2006. I had started my education at a small liberal arts college in Ohio and was looking to finish my degree while also working full-time in New York. I found MCNY and realized all of this was possible, in the same time frame as my initial college plan. MCNY offered huge advantages that most other colleges simply did not. MCNY’s Constructive Action method to teaching made it possible for me to apply what I was learning in the classroom to my actual experience in the workplace.”

How did you apply what you learned in the classroom toward your career?

“I applied much of what I learned in the classroom toward my career. The interaction with professors who were not only well-versed in their field, but also brought actual professional experience to the table was priceless. At MCNY, I was given the opportunity to intern at a large corporation directly relating to the field I was interested in pursuing post-graduation. I feel the skills and experience I gained from my internship really challenged me to both graduate on top as well as provide me with contacts in my job search after graduation. My internship really gave me an advantage over other candidates and led me to my current position.”

Where are you working now?

“I was recently offered a personal banker position at Citibank. I have to believe this is a direct result of the opportunities I was given at MCNY, specifically my internship. I can remember first walking through the doors of MCNY and seeing nothing but promise ahead. MCNY helped me realize my career goals and better myself as a person. I highly recommend MCNY to any student looking to further their personal and professional goals.”

Any other accomplishments you would like to share?

“I currently serve as one of the LIVESTRONG Army Leaders for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and am an active cancer advocate. I also am a runner and a cyclist. I completed a marathon in 2008 and look forward to competing in a triathlon some time in the next year.”

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