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MCNY Student Satisfaction Continues to Improve

June 23, 2009

MCNY has always been interested in serving its students well. That is why the College has conducted student satisfaction studies during the past several years using the nationally-recognized Noel-Levitz Adult Student Priorities Study (ASPS). In 2008, student perceptions continued to improve as the College received an Overall Satisfaction rating of 5.39 out of a possible 7.00.

“The trend of consistently improving student satisfaction scores is testament to the effort faculty, staff and administration have invested in enhancing the total learning environment at the College,” said MCNY president Vinton Thompson.

Overall student satisfaction with MCNY experience.

The improvement in Overall Satisfaction was driven primarily by better scores in Academic Advising and Service Excellence, as well as increased levels of satisfaction in Admissions and Financial Aid, Campus Climate, and Registration Effectiveness.

MCNY uses correlation analysis to identify areas to prioritize for improvement as part of its strategic plan. Students indicate that Quality Teaching and the Campus Climate are highly related to Overall Satisfaction.

Key Study Areas Correlated with Overall Satisfaction

  1. Instructional Effectiveness
  2. Campus Climate
  3. Service Excellence
  4. Academic Advising

MCNY’s faculty and administration will use the ASPS results, and other student outcomes measurements, to make targeted improvements in a wide variety of areas as part of the College’s 2009-2014 Strategic Plan.

Look for future communication on the College’s 2009-2014 Strategic Planning efforts and other Student Outcome Measurements and Assessments in this area of the MCNY website.

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Posted by Ed Gillen in Students. Comments Off

Ed Gillen was the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Metropolitan College of New York.

MCNY MBA ‘08 Teri Coaxum was selected for TNJ’s 40 Under Forty Achievement Award!

June 20, 2009

MCNY MBA ’08 alumna Teri Coaxum is being honored as one of TNJ’S 40 Under-Forty Dynamic Black Achievers

Teri Coaxum – Deputy State Director for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), New York City, Age: 37

Inspired by her grandmother, Teri Coaxum dreamed of a career in public service, with an eye on law, especially its pinnacle of power, the Supreme Court. “People would often take my grandmother’s kindness for weakness and take advantage of her; I wanted to be in a place to help people like that,” explains Coaxum, deputy state director for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from John Jay College in 1994, she volunteered for New York Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn). “Understanding your candidate and your opponent, engaging the public in the issues of the day, as well as meeting and speaking to people you never would have met otherwise – all those things thrilled me,” she exclaims. “I drank the Kool-Aid of politics and public service; I was hooked!”

In 1997, Coaxum became project manager for the Community Relations Bureau in the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. “I covered six precincts, and encouraged my two daughters by taking them with me to meetings,” explains Coaxum, who is pursuing a law degree. “When I left the DA’s office, they replaced me with three people.”

Sen. Schumer recruited Coaxum in 2004, making her the first African-American woman deputy state director. She oversees the office’s day-to-day operations and makes sure that everyone, including the senator, is on the same page. She still dreams of the Supreme Court. “In the meantime, I get to help a lot more people on this side of justice.”

Quote: “I am blessed and highly favored.”

The Network Journal link

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Reflections of Graduation

June 16, 2009

Congratulations Graduates!

MCNY celebrated its 32nd commencement ceremony this past Saturday.

Throughout the summer, we will be posting reflections from the graduates about their experiences.

The first is from Latonji Bishop, a graduate of the Associates of Arts in Human Services Program.

I ask each of you, my fellow graduates, to continue the MCNY tradition of change.  You worked extremely hard for this degree, now, make your degree work for you.

– Latonji Bishop, Associates of Arts in Human Services

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May 12, 2009

Metropolitan College of New York provides you a pathway to a teaching career in our 12 month Master’s of education program. The intensity of the program under expert guidance by practicing educators enables you to be prepared to meet the demands of the 21st Century needed by both professional educators and students alike.

The intensive three semester rigorous curriculum imbues prospective educators with the skills, knowledge and professional dispositions required by our schools.
The ultimate experience at Metropolitan College enables our prospective teachers to create environments that excite and motivate students to strive for excellence.

As a Principal of 28 years and an educator for over 42 years I know the qualities required and needed by educators to meet the academic, social and intellectual needs of students in the 21st century. The focus on maintaining high standards is critical and this is most pervasive throughout the curriculum at Metropolitan College.

Our goal is to provide students with the impetus to become thinkers, doers and risk-takers. The breaking of the glass ceiling our politicians talk about is superseded in our Masters in Education program. Our emphasis is in creating stained glass windows in every classroom. Classrooms where standards are high and we meet the needs of all the children and they are inspired to achieve at the highest level.

How do we measure our success? Since the program began, more than four years ago, every student who graduated and has since applied for a teaching position, has found gainful employment in our schools. There, everyday, they are ensuring the success of the young students as they move on through elementary schools as eager learners who expect only the best from their teachers.

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Posted by Dr. Leonard Golubchick in Master of Science in Childhood Education, Professors. Comments Off

Dr. Leonard Golubchick is the Title V COOP Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan College of New York.

Have You Visited Our Homepage Lately?

May 7, 2009

We have been doing some design revisions to the homepage, and you may have noticed that every few days or weeks, that the banner changes.

The Earth Day banner is just one example of the banners we had displayed on the website.

So visit the homepage often, and find out what we have on display.

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Posted by Pavel Mamontov in Behind the Blog, Webmaster. 2 Comments »

Pavel Mamontov is the Webmaster at Metropolitan College of New York.

Featured Alumni: Marlon Pando

March 12, 2009

Marlon Pando, an MCNY Alumni, was recently featured in NJBIZ. Pando is the owner of White Lotus Home which produces natural, eco-conscious, and organic home furnishings.

While at MCNY, he obtained a MBA in General Management with a Concentration in International Business.

Learn more about his story here.

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The Installation of Dr. Vinton Thompson as the fourth President of Metropolitan College of New York

January 5, 2009

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Using Social Media for Career Networking

November 4, 2008

Social media is quickly becoming an important component of the online landscape. Besides changing the way we communicate online, it has also made it easier for us to communicate, share and express ideas.

One use of social media is social networking. Social networking helps you to not only to stay connected to your friends, but also to find professional opportunities as well. To see social media “in action”, check out this video.

The most popular career-based social networking site is called LinkedIn. LinkedIn enables you to create a profile, fill out a resume and join groups based on affiliation or interests. MCNY has a group on LinkedIn. To join the group, visit

You can also see who already has a profile on the site. LinkedIn allows you to login to the email account of your choice and then it does a search of your contacts you already have and matches them up to their online profiles. You can then request a connection.

Testimonials are key on LinkedIn, so it is important to ask professors, as well as current and past colleagues to go to LinkedIn and write them for you. Prospective employers and clients are more likely to contact you based on the testimonials you receive from past connections, more than the actual resume. You can also search for jobs and see who in your network can help you with an introduction to an individual you would like to connect with.

Also if you have a question, you can feel free to ask it in the “Answers” section, and people can respond back.

Another social networking site that is gaining momentum in the business world is Facebook. To learn how to keep you professional and personal lives separate, click here. MCNY also has a fan page on Facebook. It is also located on the MCNY Social Networking page.

Social networking can offer an “inside track” to learning about jobs and getting your name in front of people who might be in a position to help your career.

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Posted by Stephanie Cockerl in Alumni, Guest Blogger, MBA in Media Management, Professors. Comments Off

Stephanie Cockerl is MCNY MBA Media Management Alumni and MCNY Business Professor (2003-2006)

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Results

October 16, 2008

I am the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment here at MCNY and I was asked to post on this blog to share some of the results from the recent National Survey of Student Engagement. (NSSE)

If you are thinking about applying to MCNY this might give you a little insight in terms of what students have to say about the institution.

NSSE is a nationally standardized assessment that asks students about the time they devote to educationally purposeful activities, and it asks whether the institution uses effective educational practices to encourage students to do the right things.

Research has shown that educationally effective schools channel student energy toward the right activities. NSSE looks at five key areas of effective educational practice shown below.

During the spring 2008 semester MCNY surveyed Purpose 2 and Purpose 8 undergraduates using the NSSE. Overall, MCNY did very well when compared with other private colleges in the Mid East region (colleges in NY, PA, NJ, DC, MD, DE). Specifically…

  • MCNY received higher scores than the comparison group in Active and Collaborative Learning and Supportive Campus Environment.
  • MCNY tied the comparison private school group in the Level of Academic Challenge and Student-Faculty Interaction.
  • MCNY received lower scores in Enriching Educational Experiences. This latter finding could be a function of our accelerated program, combined with students’ work and family responsibilities. Basically there is not a lot of time for co-curricular activities.

MCNY will use the results to further enhance our strengths in Active and Collaborative Learning and Supportive Campus Environment, and we will look for ways to improve Enriching Educational Experiences. Additionally, MCNY may focus on ways to exceed the private college comparison group scores in the areas where we are currently tied – Level of Academic Challenge and Student-Faculty Interaction.

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Posted by Ed Gillen in About Applying. Comments Off

Ed Gillen was the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at Metropolitan College of New York.

4 Tips to Consider Before Meeting with An Admissions Counselor

August 11, 2008

Having been an Admissions Counselor for the last 3 years, I’ve come to see that each student is unique not only in terms of academics, but also in terms of maturity, readiness, and enthusiasm. While adhering to the college’s mission and the overall requirements of the programs, when meeting with students and reviewing their applications, counselors definitely assess students in terms of what is perceived as their level of interest. As counselors, we are hoping that when a student comes in for an interview, he/she is “highly interested” in attending MCNY, extremely motivated, and has the ability to succeed. We look forward to generating that letter of congratulations on their acceptance and recognizing the contribution they will make to our community of higher education.

So, the following are a few ideas, from the perspective of an admissions counselor, that you might want to consider:

  1. Always come in with a positive attitude. Coming in to the admissions office is the first step towards changing your life for the better and it should most definitely reflect as a positive choice you have made. Any other mood will only make the counselor assigned to you think that you don’t want to make changes due to hesitance, fear, or simply a lackadaisical attitude. When you care, we care.
  2. Be prepared to talk about yourself. If you’ve taken part in community service, organized events, or volunteered your time, during the admissions interview is the best time to bring it up. A counselor’s knowledge of this can enhance your chances of being the recipient of a merit/recognition award. If you don’t mention it, we as counselors will not ask.
  3. Know the reason why you have chosen to visit the college. Know why you are coming in, and be sure that it is a decision you have made for yourself.
  4. Prepare as many documents as you can. This implies to your counselor that you are not only taking yourself seriously, but them as well. It also shows initiative. The same initiative the counselor might take to ensure you’re assisted with any scholarships or awards that the college is able to provide. Browse the website of your college of choice to find the various requirements and you will exhibit a sense of responsibility.

Potential students who follow these tips will be sure to have a positive experience with their admission counselor. Also, keep in mind, a decision does not have to be made in one day. Understand that the counselor’s goal is to provide the student with the information they will need to determine if the college is the best choice in leading to the success of their future.

With that being said, good luck and I hope to see you on campus!!!!

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Posted by Monica Ortiz in About Applying. 1 Comment »

Monica Ortiz is an Enrollment Specialist at Metropolitan College of New York.

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