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family graduationShare your story with us!  Tell us how the college helped amplify your dreams!  Whether you know us as Metropolitan College of New York, Audrey Cohen College, the College for Human Services, or even the Women’s Talent Corps – we want you to share your story!

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  • Michael Skeen

    Great college to go to when you are working at your job.I went through 9 straight semesters in the BAUS PROGRAM. Now in the Graduate Program, I feel we are getting a great education with great professors. The Bronx Extension is a great access to us if we reside in the Bronx.I believe that if enrollment picks up they should go to other boroughs because MCNY is a great school that helps students who are enrolled here and work as well.The 50th anniversary is epic and its great that MCNY has lasted 50 years.

  • Kenneth Rhodes, Jr

    “There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.”
    – Anwar Sadat (Egyptian Army Officer, Former President of Egypt (1970-1981) 1918-1981)

  • Ed Viera, Jr.

    During my 1st MPA class, the professor asked me why I chose MCNY and the field of Public Affairs & Administration. My answer was “Because I want to be in charge.” The rest of my classmates wanted to save the world. At the age of 52 I needed to be in control of my own professional life rather than remain in the trenches and let someone else dictate it for me. Now I’m looking at life with a new pair of eyes, and realize that I have the ability to write my own paychecks. Thanks to MCNY, I’m finally lord and master of my own destiny.

  • Janette Viera

    I met Audrey Cohen more than 25 years ago. It was during my employment as a legislative aide to an Assemblyman that I had the pleasure to talk to her about education. She encourage me to return to school and pursue a degree in Human Services. I always thought my calling was government, but it turned out that nonprofit management was where my heart belonged. I owe that to Audrey Cohen and the college she
    founded. Thank you MCNY.


    AS a student at MCNY, Its a great experience to be doing my masters degree and bachelors degree here. There is great learning here as well as to meet people and follow through. Throughout my 8 semesters, I have met great people and hope that in Graduate school it will be the same aspect of doing the same thing.Doing the international trip will be even greater as I will learn, new and great things moving forward.Its great to see MCNY turn 50 years with great students as well as faculty too.

  • Karmita Morgan-Randall

    I found Audrey Cohen College after experiencing a tramatic loss. The newpaper add caught my attention through tears of pain. I thought to myself where do I go from here. I enrolled in the program and found not only challenging course work but insightful leaders who were teaching us to take hold of our destiny and empower ourselves and others. I have utilized what I have learned to become a leader as an Assistant Director in a non profit organization. I also met my husband while attending. We have been together for almost twenty years. Thanks

  • Tammie Joann Lee

    I love my ala mater MCNY also known as Audrey Cohen College of NY. I graduated with a disability having and raising children you can too.
    Become Researchers after 8 semesters, researching should be open and good for business.

  • Tammie Joann Lee

    Remember to check U Albany, Columbia University, Fordham University, Baruch College Mount Sinai Website for research information for your CA and Fieldwork Review Workshops and trainings.

    Email me