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Who Run The World (MOMS!) Seminar

October 23, 2011

Who Run The World MOMS Seminar Features:

Catherine Schuller is a well known plus-size industry leader, having been a former Ford model in the 80’s and 90’s when the industry was still forming. Part consumer advocate, part promotions and marketing liaison, she began as an actress and comedienne with her original cabaret act known as The Nerve! She left modeling and trained at Parsons School of Design in their image consulting program. She has risen to be the premiere style expert in the full figured field and was awarded the Icon of The Industry Award in June at Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC. Her best seller how to book, The Ultimate Plus Size Modeling Guide” was self published in 1996 and remains the “bible” of model manuals in the industry. She served as Fashion Retail Editor for MODE magazine for the full years’ of the magazine’s existence. After Mode’s closing she created an original runway designer show called CurveStyle: Reshaping Fashion in her home base of New York City. She consults and appears as the premiere expert on the subject of “all things plus and full figured.” She is media spokesperson and liaison for manufacturers, designers, retailers and the full figured customer.. Her clients have included major department stores as well as retail specialty stores such as The Bon Ton, Saks Fifth Avenue, Filene’s, Lord&Taylor, Charming Shoppes and Lane Bryant/Catherine’s Plus Sizes, Talbot’s Woman. She is currently working on new campaigns and marketing efforts for clients within the burgeoning online plus apparel industry. She has had a line of clothing on QVC called Shape Shopping. She was assistant stylist for Nashville Star with Wynonna Judd. She is Image and Style Director of Divabetic, a charity outreach started in Luther Vandross’ honor by his personal assistant, Max Szadek. She has traveled the United States with her Glam More, Fear Less attitude, helping women find their inner diva and use fashion and beauty as motivation to stay on track with their diabetes management. She has appeared numerous times on The Today Show, five times on The View, Neal Cavuto’s Your World, CBS Evening News, and The Early Show and recently Dr. Oz. Her latest project is a book deal called Such a Pretty Face, a coffee table book about the models who are simultaneously worshipped and ridiculed in the anorexic fashion world. She has a column at Venus Divas with her popular News from a Broad feature. She is an instructor at Fashion Institute of Technology teaching the only special size image course.

Leora Edut has been transforming people’s looks since 1995. She began her career with MAC Cosmetics, training with some of New York City’s top makeup artists. After several years there, she branched out on her own and began working with high profile corporate and fashion clients. She has traveled worldwide doing shows for Redken in Las Vegas and Ports International throughout China. In 2009, Leora worked on the UN Cure for Malaria Campaign with Molly Sims, Landon Donovan, and Elizabeth Gore. She has worked with celebrities including Mark Consuelos, Rihanna, and the cast of Jersey Shorel for both print media and television appearances. In her spare time, Leora travels the US donating her talent teaching makeup courses to women in shelters.


CELEBRITIES: Rihanna, Molly Sims, Kelis, Kate Voegele, The Jackson Brothers, Cheri Dennis, Nina Sky, Mark Consuelos, Alan Houston, Tamar Davis, Mario, Alice Schroeder, Miri Ben Ari, Crystal Mcrary Arthur, Keith Boykin, Kevin Powell, Rockmand Dunbar, Amy Sacco, Nene Leakes, Elizabeth Gore, Ted Turner, Landon Donnovan, Dirty Money

FASHION: Dolce and Gabanna, Halston, Sean John, Tom Ford, La Perla, Baby Phat, PORTS International

MEDIA: MTV, VH-1, BET, America’s Next Top Model, Regis & Kelly, AOL Latina, MTV – Video Music Awards, Wendy Williams Show

EDITORIAL: Glamour, Paper Magazine, GQ, Karen, Uptown, Us Weekly, Florida International, U.S. Banker, Essence, Complex

COMMERCIAL: L’Oreal, Redken, Atlantic Records, Paul Mitchell, Def Jam, Verizon, ING Bank, US Banker

ADVERTISEMENT: Redken,, Cheerwine Soda

PHILANTHROPIC: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS), The United Nations, Detroit Rescue Mission, Grace Smith House, Good Shephard


Melissa Farley My name is Melissa Kathryn Farley and I am the founder of Melissa Kathryn MakeOver. I am a certified Holistic Weight Loss and Wellness Coach and received my education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which was an affiliate of Columbia University. In addition, I am board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and have 10 years experience in Fashion, Design and Marketing.

My goal is to inspire busy women to reach their personal goals, improve their health and live more fulfilling lives. Holistic is a belief of working on the whole self and addressing all aspects of life to ensure lasting weight loss and positive change.

As a Weight Loss and Style Coach, I am your personal advocate for living a healthy and passionate life and looking fabulous in the process! The program is a total body transformation from the inside out. It is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. Working together, we discover the foods and lifestyle choices that best support you and then create a custom plan based on your needs. By making gradual, lifelong changes, this enables you to reach your current and future health goals without feeling deprived. Once you achieve your dream body and are equipped with the knowledge and power to maintain your new physique, we take your look to the next level with a personal style make over!

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5 Responses to “Who Run The World (MOMS!) Seminar”

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