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Jennelle Purcell – 2011 Graduate

October 26, 2011


Our MBA Graduate, Jennelle Purcell, talked about her student experience at the MCNY Fundraiser Event.  This is her story:

My name is Jennelle Purcell. I am a 2011 Graduate from MCNY’s Financial Service MBA program. It is an honor to be here with you today and to share my student experience.

In 2004, I embarked on a life-changing journey when I was awarded a scholarship to pursue a bachelor degree in Business Administration at the Metropolitan College of New York. This opportunity was one in a million, because my country, Grenada, was devastated by hurricane Ivan to the point where we had no running water and electricity. But in the midst of despair, MCNY became my savior and gave me an opportunity I could not refuse.

With the help of MCNY, I adapted quickly to the pace of life in New York City. I began my studies as a full-time student, and I was selected into a 2-year internship program and gained valuable work experience with Citigroup Smith Barney.

Balancing work and school was new to me, but with good time management skills and a supportive boss, Mark Terna, who is a Financial Advisor, I was able to overcome each challenge.

MCNY’s educational experience is unique because of the core concept of “Purpose-Centered Education and Constructive Action”. We the students are able to use the knowledge we have acquired in the classroom and seamlessly incorporate it into our daily work experiences and vice-versa. We learn to change the world and our work place with Constructive Actions of systematic planning, implementation, and assessments. In my last CA, I assessed the insurance industry with regard to the continuous increase in prices for health care services. From my observation, I was able to create a health savings plan that can be used as an optional savings for medical emergency.

I soon graduated with honors in Business Administration; and decided to return in 2009 to complete an MBA in Financial Services. I do not want to make the pursuit of a graduate degree seem all cherry or rosy as there were challenges. Like many women in my class, obtaining a Master’s degree while working a full-time job and enjoying the additional responsibilities of being a full-time mom was no easy task, but with determination and knowing that someone is depending on me for financial and moral support, gave me the strength to go on.

The financial struggles of being the head of household and funding school on my own began to take a toll on me; but with the help of God, family, and people at MCNY that always go the extra mile, enable me to be a proud graduate of MCNY.

MCNY is committed to its students and my accomplishments are a testament of what this institution is all about.

Now that I have completed my MBA in Financial Services, my dream is to be able to work in the financial industry for one of the major Financial Service Institutions. I know that with my education and the experience I gave gained from working on real life projects in and outside of the classroom will make me an asset to any organization.

MCNY has changed my life! Please give MCNY the opportunity to change other lives!


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