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MBA in General Management
MBA in General Management
MBA in General Management

2012 MCNY Graduation Speech from Mohamed Rezk, MBA

July 19, 2012

MBA Graduate Mohamed Rezk

Mohamed Rezk, Graduate of the MBA in General Management Program

Mohamed Rezk, MBA

MCNY Graduation speech 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen: families, friends, honorable guests and distinguished MCNY faculty, it’s a great honor to stand before you today on behalf of the graduating class of 2012 and reflect on our feelings in this great moment of our lives.

I would like to share a story with you. When I started the school I was terrified.

More than couple of years has passed by since I finished my bachelor degree and there I was… In school again… reading through the syllabuses and class requirements.
I was overwhelmed and to be honest with you – I wanted to quit.

But a week has passed by and we had our first assignment that I decided to complete, thinking – I will give a try, if this doesn’t work I can always drop out.
When Professor Hassan was giving back the graded assignment he took me aside and asked:
Can I use your paper as an example?

I got tense and replied: Example of what?  What not to do?
The professor laughed….
That was the day when I got the first A!

And 18 months later I am standing in the front of you and together we can celebrate our accomplishment!
I always believe that nothing worth having comes easy. And it is true. This diploma did not come easy. The combination of hard work, determination, and dedication that we have invested can make us confident to stand here today and graduate together, knowing it was not easy, but it was an experience worth having.

During our journey in MCNY, three things became essential parts of our life: assignments, presentations, and group projects. As we all know the group projects were the most challenging, but in the end they taught us a fundamental lesson: to be team players and how to become good leaders.
Finding a job is on the top of every graduate list, it’s tough, but I am an optimist, because as MCNY graduates, we have a lot to offer.
MCNY taught us how to dream big and how to accomplish anything we put our minds to.
It made us to believe in ourselves and has given us the ability to put knowledge to good use .

At MCNY, we discovered how to become job creators, not job seekers. Our constructive action classes taught us what is required to turn a simple idea into a successful business, we learned how to write an ultimate business plan, and how to finance and market that business plan.

Our study abroad was one of the most valuable experiences in the program, one that enhanced and expanded our horizons.

We experienced the business world in a global context and developed a more sophisticated perspective. The study abroad also strengthened our friendships through the work we did and the fun we had… But I am not sharing the details. What happened in London stays in London.

Graduation is not an end; it is a beginning of our new journey to pursue our dreams. I would like to congratulate and thank you all.
Thank you for the memories, friendship, and laughter. Even the occasional battle over a project. All of these made us stronger.
I wish you all the best my friends.

On behalf of the graduate students of 2012. I would like to thank all the professors and staff of MCNY.

Thank you for what you have given us: for your time, energy, patience, and all your hard work.

Our parents, spouses, siblings, and all our loved ones that are witnessing our graduation today, There is no words that could express how thankful we are that we have you in our lives. Thank you for your support, encouragement, prayers and understanding

Congratulation to All
Thank you!

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