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Billing and Payment


MCNY charges tuition on a per semester basis. Students are liable for full tuition payment by the first day of class. MCNY students receive a tuition rate guarantee* provided that they attend consecutive semesters while enrolled in a degree program. Students who leave for one semester or more (excluding summer semester) and return will be charged the current tuition rate for new students.

* The College reserves the right to adjust the amount of Tuition and Fees whenever necessary.

Late Registration Fee

Students who are advised on the day of or after the first day of class will be charged the late registration fee.

Payment of College Bills

MCNY maintains a single account for every student to which all charges and credits will be applied. A Statement of Accounts is presented to student upon registration and published monthly to a student's Self-Service account.

Payment for tuition and fees are due by the start of each semester or by the due date listed on the billing statement. Financial Aid will release credits for grants, loans, and scholarships after verifying the accuracy of the information upon which the award was based. Typically, half of each award will be credited per semester. Any student who fails to pay the balance on the Statement of Account by the specified due dates will have a “Bursar Hold” placed on their student account and not be allowed to register, receive academic transcripts or diploma. Please allow sufficient time for mailing of your payments.

Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check (US funds only), money order, travelers check, cash (in person only), and wire transfer, or through the College's electronic payment system, CASHNet, described in more detail in the next section.

Please make checks payable to MCNY and include the student's name and MCNY ID number on the face of the check to ensure accurate posting. Checks for tuition and fees charged to your student account should be mailed to:

Metropolitan College of New York
60 West Street
New York, NY 10006

For Wire Transfers:

Payee Name:Metropolitan College of New York
Payee Address:60 West Street
New York, NY 10006
Account Name:General Fund Account
Bank Name:JPMorgan Chase
Bank Address:4 Metrotech Center
22nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11245
Bank Officer:Rocco Spotta (718) 242-3845
Swift CodeCHASUS33
Account Number:530503743

Electronic Billing and Payment Through CASHNet

Invoices to registered students are sent electronically. An email will be sent to the student's MCNY email address ( notifying him/her that the invoice is ready to view through the Self-Service internet portal. By logging into your Self-Service account, you can access MCNY's secure electronic billing and payment system called CASHNet. (For additional information on CASHNet, please refer to the "FAQs: eBill and ePay" page.)

Returned Check Policy

All checks returned from the bank (including e-Check or ACH transfer) will incur a penalty of $40. The College cannot presume that the student has withdrawn from classes because the check has not cleared or has been stopped; payment and penalty remain due. Payment for the amount of the returned check and the $40 returned check fee must be made with cash, certified bank check, or money order. Another personal check will not be accepted.

Third Party Payments

Students whose tuition and fees are being paid for by a third party (employer, government agency etc.) must provide documentation to the Bursar office from the third party indicating that the institution is paying the student's tuition and how much they will cover. The student must also fill out a Third Party Billing Agreement form with the Bursar office.

Payment Plans - Domestic Students

Students are encouraged to pay the total account balance in full by the first day of class. However, if a student is unable to make the payment, the Bursar's office requires those students (whose financial aid does not cover their balance) to come in and arrange a payment plan. Payments are to be made over the course of the 4 months in the semester. It is required that students make an initial payment upon setting up their payment plan contract. Please note that we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment plans.

Payment Plan - International Students

International students are encouraged to pay their total account balance in full by the first day of class. However, if a student is unable to make the payment, the Bursar's office requires an initial 40% down payment and a payment plan for the remaining 60%. The balance must be paid within two months from the date of the initial payment. Please note that scholarships are deducted before determining the payment plan balance.

Please note: Payment to the college is the responsibility of the student. Payment is not contingent on receiving grades, receiving passing grades, or completing courses. In the event that a student's financial aid, loans or third party payment are not realized, the student is responsible for paying any outstanding balance through other means. Failure to receive an invoice in the mail is not sufficient grounds to appeal college policy. It is the responsibility of the student to check their account balance online and remit timely payment.

Book Advance Authorization

The Bursar's Office offers students who are Pell eligible and anticipating a refund (via a positive balance on their student account), which can be used to purchase books online through Akademos, a virtual bookstore. Undergraduates can receive a credit line of up to $300 and graduates can receive up to $500 for book purchases.

If this line of credit is not used, your student account will not be charged or if you spend less than your line of credit, your account will reflect the actual cost. If your total purchase exceeds your credit line, you will have to pay the difference.

Please download, complete, and submit the Book Advance Form (PDF) to the Bursar's Office. Once this form is received by our office, we will confirm that all financial aid documents have been received and processed and you qualify for this line of credit because your financial aid awards are in excess of your tuition and fee charges.

If you have a credit card and want to purchase your books on your own, go directly to the website

1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form

A portion of the student's educational costs may be deductible on Federal and State income tax return via the college generated 1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form. This can increase the student's tax refunds. In order for a 1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form to be generated, students must have a Social Security number or Tax Identification number on file with the Registrar office. Students should consult with an accountant to assure compliance with tax regulations.

Please note: 1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Forms are mailed to the student's home address on file no later than January 31st of the following year. Furthermore, the Metropolitan College of New York, in conjunction with ECSI, is now offering students online access to their 1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form. If you would like to access your 1098-T form online you must do the following:

  1. Please click the following link:
  2. Once there, you must follow the link that states "Click here to retrieve your login credentials" and enter the requested information. Click "Submit" in order to receive our school code, your account number and password.
  3. Click on the link that says "Login Page" and enter our school code, your account number and password.
  4. Once in your account, select the "Tax Information" link and scroll down the page to select the appropriate year's 1098-T Form you would like to view. Please note that not all previous year's 1098-T Forms are available online. Please contact the Bursar's office if you need a previous year that is not available online.

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