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Assessment in the School for Business

Mission Statement

The goal of the Metropolitan College of New York’s School for Business is to provide access and enhance professional mobility of students traditionally denied access or who might otherwise find it difficult or impossible for reasons of age, race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or income to obtain an education in keeping with their aspirations and abilities; to engage them in the development and empowerment of the global business and larger social community; and, to encourage exemplary individual and corporate moral and ethical behavior and provide them with the knowledge necessary for mastery of successful business and managerial skills and responsibilities.

Why Assessment?

The Assessment Plan for the School for Business serves to employ and fulfill the MCNY Strategic Plan 2009-2014, sub-goal 1.A.4 to “create and implement a comprehensive plan to assess program specific outcomes, dimensional outcomes across programs, and the systematic application of PCE (Purpose-Centered Education)”. Additionally, the School for Business will seek to satisfy the accrediting bodies of Middle States Commission on Higher Education and Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) standards pertaining to assessment of student learning. Compliance with the assessment standards for satisfaction of the accrediting bodies pertaining to the programs in the School for Business was a major contributing factor in the design, planning and implementation of a formal assessment plan. The School for Business has adopted the recommended four-step planning process as highlighted by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education: (1) Define clear goals; (2) Implementation of strategies to achieve stated goals; (3) Assessment of the achievement of stated goals; and (4) use of results and data from assessment to inform curricula updates/revisions (Assessing Student Learning, 2005). The School for Business has approached assessment of programs including AS/BBA General Business, BBA in Healthcare Systems Management, MBA in Media Management, MBA in General Management and MBA in Financial Services with a plan to measure both indirect and direct student learning.

Assessment Implementation & Analysis for Program Improvement

There are four major phases of the learning outcome assessment process:

  1. Learning Objectives Review - A review of the learning objectives found in the syllabi will be conducted to determine the measurability of the objectives and, if not, correct would be documented to proceed further.
  2. Assessment/Instruments – A review of the assessment instruments to determine that they are reflective of program and course goals and provide data for curriculum enhancement.
  3. Analysis of Data and Presentation of Findings – Present findings on how effective was the learning as inferred by an analysis of the assessment instruments.
  4. Report on the entire process which includes review and modifications made to learning objectives, topics, assessment instruments throughout the process and compiled containing recommendations for course and programs improvements.
  5. Reiterate Assessment – Reiterate the entire process of the same course and/or program objectives to ensure effectiveness of changes.

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