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MBA in Financial Services

International Practicum Course

The MBA programs at MCNY have an international field study component, an experience inherent to these curricula. This action-oriented experience is tailored to ensure that students have the opportunity to work collaboratively in a pan-cultural environment in which they are exposed to new cultures and given the opportunity to explore them. Students enrolled in the MBA programs (Media Management, Financial Services, General Management and Health Services and Risk Management) will participate in the trip based on completed credits and academic progress.

The programs’ goal is to immerse students in the global business environment and students participation is required as this is necessary to develop and apply the skills required to work effectively in the global economy.  As part of the required international practicum course, students will be afforded the opportunity to work in a consultative capacity with an operating enterprise to address one or more existing business challenges.  Specifically, the goals of this program are three-fold: 

  1. to immerse students in a different culture to apply the cumulative knowledge and skills acquired of the MBA program in an international setting
  2. to allow students to work in a group setting in a multicultural global context, and
  3. to apply the theoretical frameworks in a consultative capacity to resolve real business issues and challenges.

Students will be working in teams and team members will be determined by course instructor(s) and the Program Directors. Teams will be assigned in Marketing, Finance, Management & Change, Planning, Management Information Systems, and Legal and Regulatory areas. There may be more than one team in specific areas. At the end of the course, students will be responsible for presenting two documents; one is a comprehensive written report with all of the information detailed in the project, and the other summary report that reflects the major elements of their findings.  Additionally, work from the trip is also included in the students’ final project, the Constructive Action.

Past field studies have been completed in Zurich, Switzerland; London, England; Frankfurt, Germany; and Paris, France. The College may change the design, dates, and location of the field experience at its discretion. If the College is forced to cancel the trip because of extenuating circumstances, an alternate assignment will be provided for the academic credit.

To effectively fulfill the academic requirements of the field study program, the School for Business has partnered with Language Study International  (LSI), Berenberg Bank, Deutsche Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, AHK, Helab Landesbank, The CityUK, Soho Artists, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Regents College London, etc.  to assist in the delivery of academic and non academic content.

2015 MCNY MBA Field Study trip to Frankfurt and London

2017 International Field Practicum

July 18th, 2017 - July 26th, 2017 in Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany. Trip dates and locations are subject to change.

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