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MBA in Media Management

A Message from the Coordinator

Welcome to the MBA Media Management Program in the School for Business!

As each day passes, we are witnessing the transformation of media business models, like those of the publishing and music industries, as they search for ways to successfully adapt to today's rapidly changing digital technologies and remain relevant in the media environment of increasing consumer created content and digital distribution channels. MCNY knows the critical role that media plays in our society and the need for the most qualified business individuals who possess clearly defined ideas and commitment to social justice to lead today's media companies.

In the MBA Media Management Program, our mission is to provide students with the business skills, management tools and substantive expertise necessary to be at the forefront of emerging media trends, to navigate changes in the industry and to provide leadership to successfully take these companies into the future, while never losing sight of our own responsibility to the larger society and the ever changing media environment.

The first of its kind in the nation, our curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid and rigorous foundation in core MBA competencies while simultaneously providing an understanding the unique business and management applications and nuances of these concepts associated with today's media industries. Utilizing our Purpose Centered Education teaching model, our students apply substantive business concepts learned in Dimension classes to their own real life media entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture via their Constructive Action that they analyze, plan, implement and evaluate over the course of their studies.

Students are expected to incorporate field experience into their studies, with past students completing internships at media companies like CNBC, KISS-FM, the Tribeca Film Festival, and Sony Music. Our MCNY Short Film Festival, now an established annual event at the school, grew out of one of the in-class real life case studies that our expert professional faculty develop and utilize to facilitate the learning process. The student's academic experience is topped off with a capstone International Field Study, where students travel abroad and develop a plan for the globalization of their Constructive Action.

The MCNY MBA in Media Management remains the only one year accelerated specialized MBA program in the field, fusing the study of economics, finance, marketing, operations, management, and accounting with intensive exploration of media specific fields essential for effective media management. Harness the power to manage and direct one of the most significant forces in culture; apply online and earn a MBA in Media Management to build a greater global village for tomorrow.

Feel free to contact me if I can answer any of your questions.

Prof. Kristie Velasco, J.D.
Coordinator, MBA Media Management Program
212.343.1234 ext 2434

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