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Voices From the Global Village: Upcoming events and internship opportunities

October 15, 2012

We are well into mid semester and I wanted to touch base with everyone to be sure that there are no issues and that everyone is proceeding with successfully progressing in their studies. Anyone who is having any issue with your studies or any other school related matter should make an appointment or email me as soon as possible.

I also wanted to bring a number of items to your attention:

1. There is an amazing internship opportunity for a student interested in gaining first hand experience in researching and developing a business plan and developing a marketing strategy for a new clothing manufacturing company. The Internship will require about 8 hours per week with a degree of flexibility about how those hours are met. Students that are interested should forward me their resume in an email indicating their interest ASAP.

2. The Cable Center is the nonprofit educational arm of the cable industry, dedicated to: Preserving and celebrating cable’s enduring contributions to society; Building bridges between cable and higher education; and Bringing together industry participants to share ways we can better serve our customers. Every year they hold a conference on the Cable Industry where students can hear from executives, learn about job opportunities and internships, and even participate in speed-dating style mock interviews with hiring managers in the industry. This year’s conference is scheduled for October 26, at the Paley Center in New York City. Participation is available for FREE to graduate and undergraduate students, but registration is required. For more info go to

3. There is an Internship Panel open to students hosted by NAMIC (National Association of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications on November 13. Students must scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking on their Events button to RSVP on the NAMIC Events Page.

4. Students also have the opportunity to join the Grammys and Emmys at Student Rates. Anyone interested in joining the Grammys or the Emmys can drop by my office in 1124 on Tuesday afternoon/early evenings for more information.

5. We are co-hosting a conference with the Emergency and Disaster Management MPA program on November 8, 2012 from 8:30-5pm at the school to discuss the interrelationship between social media and emergency response management. Please spread the word.

Check out the SMARMIE website for more information. We need volunteers for the day of the conference to assist in the filming and production of the event. Students interested in participating should email me ASAP so we can get you plugged into the event.

6. We have scheduled the 4th Annual Short Film Festival for April 4 -5, 2013 at the school. We will begin holding organizational meetings shortly to begin planning for the event. As has been in the past, students are involved in every aspect of the development, planning, organizing and production of the Festival. Anyone interested in participating in the film festival should email me indicating their interest so that I can be sure to send you a notice when we schedule the first meeting. A notice of when we will begin accepting submissions will also be sent out within the next two weeks.

We will keep you informed with additional information as it becomes available.  Have a great semester!

Prof. Kristie Velasco, Coordinator, School for Business MBA Media Management Program

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RIP Adelaide Smith, MCNY School for Business, Media Management MBA, Class of 2011

September 28, 2012

To members of the MCNY Community:

It is with great deep sadness and personal regret that I report the passing of MCNY School for Business Media Management MBA alumnus Adelaide Smith, who died from complications of Congestive Heart Failure Wednesday night after collapsing last Sunday evening.

As many may not be aware, Adelaide was committed to her studies in the Media Management MBA program and extensively planned her move to NYC back in 2007 from Chicago after graduating from DePaul University. She often expressed that after raising her children and putting them through Ivy League graduate schools, she decided that it was time to return to school to get her BA and MBA and that with the knowledge in Media and Business that she would acquire studying in our program, she would be able to have a positive impact on the media and the lives of underprivileged communities with the hope of empowering her community through her Constructive Action venture Universal Sustainable Enterprises, LLC.

A diagnosis with Congestive Heart Failure interrupted her studies in 2008 and forced her to move out to California with her daughter to recuperate, but she made sure to tell me that she would return to complete her Media Management MBA degree when she was able. It took two years, but in 2010, Adelaide returned, and although it was often difficult to balance her medical condition, personal obligations and her studies, Adelaide made it a point to return to the school to proudly display her new MCNY Alumni identification and report how proud she was to have accepted her MBA from Drs. Thompson and Depoo in 2011. Those of us who knew Adelaide personally will smile and not be surprised to hear that she also informed me at that time of her detailed long term plans to redesign the layout and overall look of the actual identification card to be more fitting with the “proper stature of the program and school.”

Adelaide stayed connected to the Media Management program, often returning to inform us of whatever project she was working on at the moment and to offer any assistance that she might be able to give. She actively assisted in soliciting sponsors for last year’s Film Festival and vigilantly attended every event that was held by the School for Business. The last time we spoke this summer, she wanted marketing data about the Media program and the film festival, informing me that it was her intention to secure a corporate naming sponsor who could underwrite the long term institutionalization of the film festival.

Our condolences go out to her family and friends. The viewing and services will be held at the House of Hills Funeral Home at 1000 St. John’s Place in Brooklyn on this Sunday, September 30, 2012.

Viewing will begin at 4 p.m., followed by a service at 7 p.m.

Burial will be conducted on Monday.

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SAVE THE DATE MCNY 4th Annual Short Film Festival April 4 and 5, 2013

September 22, 2012

MCNY 4th Annual Short Film Festival, April 4 and 5, 2013

Be sure to mark your calendars to Save the Date for the Metropolitan College of New York 4th Annual Short Film Festival scheduled for April 4 and 5, 2013 at Metropolitan College of New York. Come join students as they present the best entries and announce the winning Short Film submission. The annual festival, which grew out of an in-class live case study, is organized and planned by students in the Media Management MBA program, and provides opportunities for experiential learning opportunity for students to engage in practical applications of the theoretical business and media topics learned in class.

Last year’s festival, with a theme of New Faces in Film, featured entries from 7 different countries and was supported by established entertainment industry leaders and corporate and community sponsors. MCNY was proud to welcome award winning filmmakers Danielle Lurie, Parris Moore, Michael Pinckney, financier Ritika Hiranandani and Oscar® nominated filmmaker Samuel Pollard, among the speakers at the 3rd Annual Short Film Festival.

The MCNY Media Management MBA students were also honored to work with Kraft, Essence, Tourism Malaysia, Subway, Lords Bakery as well as MCNY Media Management MBA graduates/entrepreneurs Little Kingdom, Cinematiq, Soi66, Yamerra and the Crosby Collective as sponsors of the festival and in support of the efforts of our students in organizing the festival.

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SAVE THE DATE: MCNY 3rd Annual Short Film Festival — April 12-14, 2012!

January 11, 2012

MARK APRIL 12-14, 2012 on your calendar as the MCNY 3rd Annual Short Film Festival organized and sponsored by the Media Management MBA Program.

The MCNY Media Management MBA Program will host its 3rd Annual Short Film Festival on April 12, 13 and 14. The theme of this year’s festival is “New Faces in Film” and plans for the three days include panel discussions and networking opportunities with entertainment and media industry leaders, prizes, raffles and film screenings as well as awards for the Best Festival Short Film and the Best MCNY Student Festival Entry.

Begun as a live case study class project in one of the Media Management classes in 2009, the festival is quickly becoming an established event for the entire MCNY community as it continues to grow in size and provide hands on learning opportunities for our Media Management MBA students.

The first of its kind in the nation, the MCNY Media Management MBA program remains the only one year accelerated specialized MBA program in Media Management, fusing the study of general MBA core competencies in economics, finance, marketing, operations, management, and accounting with intensive exploration of media specific fields essential for effective media management. Located in the shadow of the Tribeca Film Festival, MCNY’s Media Management MBA program provides students with the tools necessary to successfully navigate the unique nuanced business, operations and management characteristics of the media and entertainment industries by providing students with a comprehensive analytical overview of the media industries including entertainment law, new media, broadcast, film, music and publishing industries, media marketing, advertising & public relations, arts administration & cultural heritage management, and media theory.

The Festival will begin accepting short film entries shortly. For additional information follow our Twitter accounts or contact Prof. Kristie Velasco, Program Coordinator.

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Voices from the Global Village: The Students Speak — Chris Figueroa “Video Chatting in Commerce”

January 4, 2012

The future of digital media: the evolution of video content on the web.

The day is coming when video chatting over the Internet to do business will be as common as walking into a store and starting up a conversation with an employee. By sitting in front of a computer, with a couple clicks on a mouse or keypad, you will be able to instantly engage a company employee who will appear on your screen and ask “Hi, how I can I help today?” It’ll be face-to-face “human” interaction, except that it will be done by hundreds of thousands of ones and zeros blasting through cyber space to replicate your image on the other end of the webcam. While it may not compare to the tactile experience of walking into a store, holding a product in your hands and trying it out, or purchasing it on the spot and then being able to take it home with you, a customer will still have the ability to “enter” a store and talk to staff about products and costs. This is where the future of digital media is headed and fast!

The fact is many businesses are already selling exclusively through the Internet without their customers having to physically walk into a store to purchase products. E-commerce is booming with companies like Amazon revolutionizing how the economics of supply and demand. However, it’s obvious that video- to-video chat functions are a growing trend.

Recently Facebook added a video-to-video chat feature to their text chat function. Now you can go on Facebook and video chat with your friends, family and social networking buddies just as if you were using Skype, iChat or any other kind of video-to-video program. This is good for Facebook because it gives you another reason why you can just stay on their site to video chat instead of going elsewhere. Google has taken it a step further by allowing Google + users to video chat with up to ten friends at a time, all while watching YouTube videos simultaneously. It’s called a “Google Hangout” and I will admit it’s fun but it’s only the beginning. If Google were smart they would add the ability for users in a “Google Hangout” to view Internet webpages together and seamlessly without having to send websites links back and forth to each other to review.
IChat and Skype already have this feature it’s called a “screen share” but it’s slow and IChat and Skype obviously don’t have all the other things such as the whole social networking aspect that “Google +” and “Facebook” have.

It won’t be long before this feature can become tool to help lead the way for companies to do business and make money in the future. However, three issues must be considered for there to be widespread adoption of video to video chat functions in retail commerce:

First, mobile broadband with which we are most commonly familiar, 3g, 4g etc., cannot keep up with the rapid growth and usage of mobile devices, mobile technologies and other digital media consumption – especially not if we are regularly engaged in video-to video chat encounters. This is one of the reasons why Apple’s new Facetime will only be available through a Wi-Fi connection until 4g, 5g, or 6g can catch up.

The second reason is that, with no economies of scale, video-to-video chat functions are still fairly expensive to provide on a mass basis to individuals. For example, to run a large scale video-to-video chat function on a website requires expensive software, like the Adobe Flash Interactive Media Server, which can cost around $4,600 dollars and up and that doesn’t even include the thousands of dollar in frequent updates that are required to keep the system running bug free. The major players in the industry can afford this cost easily but don’t forget the high cost of bandwidth and server space based on the amount of users and traffic for a specific site. These costs can reach in the tens of thousands without video-to-video chat functions; just image the cost when you factor in this feature.

The third reason is people are still hesitant with the idea of doing business in a video-to-video format. Being on a webcam, one on one with a stranger, to buy something or inquire about a product is something that most people might still find a little awkward. When you walk into a store you’re still in public so there are usually other people around and you feel more comfortable interacting with an employee that is a stranger to you. But when you’re on a web cam, it’s a little bit more personal, it’s more one on one, more face to face and the comfort zone of being in public is just not there. Regardless, as video-to-video chat functions become more and more common and more generally accepted as a norm in society then you will start to see more websites providing video-to-video services to conduct business. Once the major websites and businesses start doing it then you’ll start to see everyone else follow their lead.

Regardless of trepidations about the how, what and where, the important thing to keep in mind is this kind of video-to-video chat feature on the web is only the beginning. Because of this, I have decided to start my own e-commerce business, which will launch shortly. The business will be fully online and Internet based, and one of the key features that set us apart from our competition is… Yep you guessed it, a video-to-video chat feature that will allow business to run smoother, instantly and more relevant to the Internet age that we live in. It make sense to me and that is exactly why I’m betting on the fact that you will see a lot more companies using video-to-video chat to add a nice feature and function to their websites and business models.

Chris Manhattan Figueroa
CEO of Amy’s List
MBA Student and Internet Entrepreneur

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Voices from the Global Village: MCNY Media Management MBA and Adjunct Professor Paula Landry publishes new book!

September 24, 2011

Congratulations PAULA LANDRY!

We are so proud of MCNY Media Management MBA Paula Landry for publishing her book Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic Free Guide which is being released on October 3 by Focal Press.  (It is available in hard copy and electronic formats directly from the publisher as well as from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retail outlets.)  Paula is a film and music producer who creates commercials, multimedia concerts, films both short- and long-form, and branded videos for the Internet. Her movies have premiered at Sundance and gone on to win awards worldwide.

Also a very valued member of the MCNY adjunct faculty in the Media Management MBA program, Prof Landry’s film industry classes are always student favorites and provide our Media MBA students an insider’s view of the workings, business and economics of the film industry.  This is Prof. Landry’s second book, having co-authored, This Business of Film: A Practical Guide to Achieving Success in the Film Industry with Stephen Greenwald in 2009.

According to the Publisher, Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic Free Guide isthe Holy Grail for filmmakers.”

Budgeting and scheduling are easy in principle but hard in practice. The successful producer has a solid plan for juggling dozens of activities and costs while retaining the flexibility to cope with those inevitable last-minute changes and stay on course.

Other resources look at budgeting and scheduling in isolation; this book is unique in covering the two closely intertwined activities in a single volume. Readers get both topics for the price of one book; competitors cover each topic separately. All the fundamentals of line producing are covered in a quick-reference format and the tips apply no matter what kind of scheduling or budgeting software you’re using.

• Useful tricks of the trade show you how to squeeze the most of a limited budget and tight schedule
• Includes specific tips for film, video, shorts, online projects, corporate and educational video, and docs
• Companion web site features useful forms/templates, and 60 minutes of video demonstrating line producing techniques and case studies—see the principles put to work!
• Includes sample budgets/schedules from different types of projects that you can adapt and use for your own project


In addition to her teaching duties, Ms. Landry is currently president of Idea Blizzard Productions, a media-consulting company, and also heads a commercial-music enterprise, FireStorm Productions. She has produced media projects for American Health and Fitness, Fit TV, the Odyssey Channel, Pearson Television, and several Fortune 500 companies. Landry has also consulted on media projects for Carnegie Hall, Christie’s auction house, Details magazine, Entertainment Weekly, G&H Media, Loosely Translated Productions, Mullen & Company, Tribe Pictures, and numerous political campaigns.

I personally applaud Prof. Landry’s ongoing achievement; she is an inspiring and dedicated role model for students in general and for all women in the film and media industries.


Kristie Velasco,

Coordinator, MCNY Media Management MBA Program

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MCNY 2nd Annual Film Festival

April 8, 2011

Film Festival Program

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2nd Annual MCNY Media Management Short Film Festival

November 29, 2010

In the MCNY Media Management MBA program, we believe learning is made more effective and efficient when studies are applied toward a specific goal. Our purpose centered education learning model directs students to plan, produce and promote new media ventures as part of the MBA studies; students learn by doing. Last year, students were asked to plan a film festival as a live case study for one of their classes.

Recently I took the opportunity to interview two of our program alumni, Cherice Monique Bedford and George Kevin Jordan, both of whom helped develop and implement the first film festival. Cherice Bedford is a screen writer, film editor, and independent filmmaker and has an extensive production background. George Jordan is a published journalist and author. His experience includes reporting for the Milwaukee Journal – Sentinel, The Sunday Paper Atlanta, and Bleu magazine, where he served as EIC and then Executive Editorial Director for three years. His debut novel That Moment When and his follow-up Hopeless were both released on Urban Soul Kensington Publishing.

This August Ms. Bedford and Mr. Jordan both received their MBAs in Media Management from MCNY. They have returned to partner with the MCNY Media Management MBA program to institutionalize the festival as an annual event and assist current students to develop and host the 2nd Annual MCNY Media Management Short Film Festival in April 2011. It is my pleasure to spotlight their voices from the global village…

Kristie Velasco: Why don’t you share a little bit about the first MCNY Media Management Short Film Festival? How did it get started?

Cherice Bedford: The MCNY Film Festival was a project created in our Organizational Behavior class during Purpose 2, which focuses on preparing us to develop and master actual managerial skills and prepares us to work with other people from different backgrounds in a company. During the film festival, I had the opportunity to feature my filmmaking talent as well as serve as manager of fund-raising and social media marketing.

George Jordan: It was a chance to see what we as students could create, plan, manage and market within a certain time frame. I was assigned as project manager and my only goal at the time was to get it done. It was a success, and we learned a lot about each other. I am so pleased we are partnering with the Media Management program to incorporate the festival into the curriculum and mentor the students managing the actual process this semester.

Kristie Velasco: Why do you think holding a film festival is such an important activity that it should be made part of the Media Management MBA curriculum?

George Jordan: As a creative person I found that I was always looking at the content, or the product, and making it look pretty, making sure it was copy edited, written well. In the program I learned that as a manager, before I touched anything, I tried to figure out what was the purpose of what we did, and then come up with a plan and budget that always aligned with the overall purpose or mission of each project. That is something this program helped to instill in me.

So for me, the film festival was really a chance to utilize all the things I have learned as an MBA Media Management student. I held several management positions at magazines and organizations, but it was during my time at the school that I really learned how to marry the business and creative skills together. To that end I think an MBA media management student should be able to walk away from the program able to produce, events, movies, whatever it takes…It doesn’t matter the medium. We should be prepared to be line producers, managing editors, CEOS, etc…The film festival is like a live incubator to test our skill sets.

Cherice Bedford: When we did the film festival last April I not only learned business skills, but it was important to me as a filmmaker because it gave me an opportunity to introduce my short film to 118 people and make the connections I needed to create my short into a full length film.

The things I learned in the Media Management MBA program helped me create a plan to find funding and create my films. At the same time, I gained invaluable experience and confidence knowing that I can produce this event. When I finished MCNY program I was able to take the skills I learned and apply them and create my own business with two other students from the program. Having an MBA will also allow people to believe and trust that I know what I’m doing.

Kristie Velasco: George do you agree with Cherice that creating the festival was beneficial to your MBA education and can help you now that you have graduated?

George Jordan: Again for me it was about creating a plan of attack, rather than attack and seeing what shook from the tree. A plan actually helps me be more creative and a business plan is standard for getting funding. But also, not only do you need to create a business plan, which many people can do, you need to be able to execute it if and when you get funds, which many people CAN NOT. That is what I think I learned at MCNY…To create and plan, and execute.

Kristie Velasco: How will the 2nd Annual MCNY Media Management Short Film Festival be different from the first?

Cherice Bedford: What’s different this year is that the film festival will be two days instead of one. This year we also want to build partnerships so that the filmmakers can get something out of this; meaning some kind of connection. The current students will learn how to market, produce, make decisions, and deal with unexpected problems that may occur.

George Jordan: Last year it was a one day event, which in hindsight was a lot to absorb and execute in the few hours we had. This year we are adding another day and trying to create partnerships to ensure that both the students and the filmmakers walk away with important knowledge and a connection in this industry.

Kristie Velasco: What else are you working on right now?

George Jordan: I am a journalist and author and right now I am working on my third book. My first two, That Moment When and Hopeless, were released worldwide via Urban Soul/Kensington, one of the largest African American owned publishers in the world.

Cherice Bedford: As of now I’m working on my full length film TOYA, I’m also working on my nonprofit business, Harlem’s Writers for Change. I’m also teaching a drama class at the Children’s Aid Society.

Kristie Velasco: Wow, with all that you are working on, why did you come back for this?

Cherice Bedford: I came back to work on the film festival because I always want to be a part of MCNY for one. More importantly though, the film festival was created by 7 students who never did any kind of event as such and it was a success and I will always want to be a part of it; it meant a lot that staff and students from the school were contacting me asking when it would be this year…I couldn’t not do it.

George Jordan: I always knew I wanted to be more involved as an alum. I really didn’t have that opportunity as an undergraduate because I was too busy trying to establish myself as a writer. But here, I realized coming back and working on projects that showcase what MCNY Media Management students can do, builds brand equity, and people begin to associate the students with the amazing things that they can do.

Kristie Velasco: As new MBA’s and media professionals, what do you think of what is going on with new media and how do you think the program fits into the larger media industry?

Cherice Bedford: I say media is changing all the time…MCNY has to stay current and be ready for change as well.

George Jordan: We are in an amazing and scary place. It is amazing because you are only a blog away from being a millionaire, or creating that great business…But it is scary because the current powers that be are scared. They don’t know how their business models are going to shift, and many people are jumping ship. It is our responsibility in my opinion to be the problem solvers, and create new businesses that can navigate this turbulent time. As Media Managers we have to be the solution, and also educators in what we do, because most media managers today worked their way from the bottom up and learned that way. We have to be able to prove the knowledge we gained can be applicable in the workplace. That is our challenge, but not an insurmountable one.

There is always this period with new technology where the owners of the old technology fight over the reach of the new technology. We saw that with TV and now the Internet. But ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS an alliance is built because you cannot stop progress. To that end it is the schools, and the students’ responsibility to be in the room during these changes and to be present in the transformation of the medium. If we are defining the direction we can define our place in the revolution.

Cherice Bedford

Cherice Bedford, MBA, MCNY 2010

George Jordan

George Jordan, MBA, MCNY 2010

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