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Voices from the Global Village: Gary Nadeau short film, Pizza Verdi is winning entry in the MCNY 4th Annual Short Film Festival

April 8, 2013

New York, NY – April 5, 2013 – The Metropolitan College of New York School for Business Media Management MBA program is proud to announce that Pizza Verdi, a short film by Gary Nadeau was judged the winning entry of the MCNY 4th Annual Short Film Festival.  Ice Cream, by Nicholas Santos and Not Like the Commercials, by Gordon S. Williams, were voted Second and Third Place, respectively, in the Festival as well.

“We had a record number of very solid entries this year and the competition was great.  In fact, only 8 films were selected from all of the submissions to be official entries in final consideration at the Festival,” said Kristie Velasco, Coordinator of the MCNY School for Business Media Management MBA Program, who directed the Media Management students in producing the Festival.  “The Festival is proud to be open to filmmakers around the globe and this year filmmakers from Malaysia, India, France and Serbia joined American filmmakers from around the nation in submitting shorts into the competition.  I’m just glad I wasn’t judging.”

Mr. Nadeau is an accomplished filmmaker and screenwriter who studied at NYU and has worked in Hollywood.   His film, Pizza Verdi, has won multiple awards in various Film Festivals.  “NYC is a constant source of inspiration for me and I’m very pleased Pizza Verdi was honored in the very city it was conceived,” said Mr. Nadeau.  “Thanks so much to everyone at MCNY Short Film Festival for supporting indie filmmakers everywhere.”

Accepting his prizes for Second place that night at the Festival was Nicholas Santos for his short film Ice Cream.  “It was great to compete alongside such diverse filmmakers from around the world. It’s an honor to have been selected and I’m looking forward to next year’s festival.”  A Brooklyn filmmaker, Mr. Santos studied Cinema and Photography at Ithaca College where he developed his filmmaking style.

Rounding out Third Place in the Festival was Not Like the Commercials  by Gordon S. Williams, a filmmaker who is also Studio Operations Manager at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in the Department of Communication.  Mr. Williams said, “As a filmmaker, any time you are given the chance to show your work, you greatly appreciate the opportunity.  I hope that MCNY Short Film Festival continues to give filmmakers an outlet to show their projects.  To have Not Like The Commercials screen at this festival and be selected as third prize winner is a great honor.”

The MCNY Annual Short Film Festival, which grew out a classroom project, has grown into an institutionalized platform for independent filmmakers, and provides real time project management experience for MCNY School for Business Media Management MBA students.  The students actively worked on branding, marketing and promoting the festival, soliciting film submissions, securing sponsors and established film professionals to judge the finalists as part of applied learning assignments built into their classroom studies.

The Feature Presentation at the Festival was Life Unscripted (Season 2), comprised of 6 webisodes filmed by teens for teens, produced by the Urban Actors Academy in collaboration with John F. Kenny High School for Digital Communications.  Written by MCNY Media Management MBA alumna and Urban Actors Academy founder, Maisha Azadi, Life Unscripted lets us hang out for the day with the students of L.I.F.E. Academy, where an average high school day at an urban high school is nothing close to average, and we are provided with a real life look into the students lives, as they frame issues, question their values and develop their individual perspectives, one day at a time.  She said of the festival, “MCNY’s 4th Annual Film Festival was a wonderful experience and opportunity for filmmakers, both novice and skilled to exhibit their talent to an audience that is just as diverse and eager to view and network with new talent. As with all of MCNY’s programs the seed of inspiration has been planted for a truly exceptional film experience to grow forward in the coming years! Congratulations to all who worked hard to put the festival together and I was very honored to be apart of such an impactful event.”

On Thursday night, Keynote speaker, film and television executive Peter Anthony Andrews, gave a lively presentation, peppered with many stories of his experiences, from his time working on over 20 films as writer and producer with Belafonte Enterprises, to programming some of television’s iconic shows like Chico and the Man, Quincy, Sanford & Son, Columbo, Police Woman and Little House on the Prairie during his tenure as Vice President of NBC Entertainment.  He graciously fielded questions from those in attendance at the festival and the interactive audience of the live stream of his presentation from as far as Denmark discussing all aspects of the business of the film and television industries as well as the impact of social media on film distribution and finance.

A number of sponsors, including Jambox Entertainment, the IFC Center, Cacica, Elite Market Management, Mika Japanese Cuisine & Bar and Social Cinema, LLC, joined MCNY School for Business in sponsoring the Festival and supporting the efforts of the students. As in past years, the Festival was proud to welcome and Grave Shift Studios, to join returning Soi66 on the list of student companies supporting the Festival as sponsors as well.  Additional information, including winning films from prior years, is available on our website at

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Voices from the Global Village: MCNY Annual Short Film Festival Announces Winning Festival Poster and Welcomes JAMBOX Entertainment and The IFC Center as Sponsors

April 2, 2013

New York, NY – April 1, 2013 – The Metropolitan College of New York School for Business Media Management MBA program is proud to announce the winner of the Inaugural MCNY 4th Annual Short Film Festival Poster Competition is the submission by Arsenije Catic, a 3rd year undergraduate student of Interaction Design Department at Belgrade Metropolitan University, from Belgrade Serbia.  In addition, they are honored to welcome Jambox Entertainment and the IFC Center among the list of sponsors of this year’s festival.

Kristie Velasco, Program Coordinator of the Media Management MBA Program in the MCNY School for Business said, “This was our first poster competition, and we were excited to receive a number of excellent submissions.  It was close, but this image ultimately was the one our Media Management MBA students voted to represent the MCNY 4th Annual Short Film Festival.  With the theme “Reflections of a Dream,” the festival is a two-day celebration of both the business and creative aspects of the film industry that continues to grow and expand into divergent media fields.  “We usually dream of what we see and what we know. Dreams are abstracts of our imaginations,” said Mr. Catic of his submission.  “My work represents this kind of dream — the dreams that are inward and outward.”

New sponsors have also joined corporate and community sponsors from past years in support of the students in their organizing efforts.  JAMbox Entertainment was founded by Lee Evans, whose many accomplishments include work with singers Marc Anthony, Cyndi Lauper, Harry Belafonte, The Force M.D.s, Brass Construction, Rainy Davis, Afrikaa Bambaataa and a long list of dance Hip Hop and Latin freestyle favorites from the ‘80’s and early 90’s including artists Cyre, and The Cover Girls.  Working with MCNY as a mentor and site supervisor for student internships at his recording studios, Mr. Evans said, “JAMBOX Entertainment is proud to be a sponsor of the MCNY 4th Annual Film Festival! We have always been a supporter of up and coming artists in the field pursuing their dreams. The MCNY Short Film Festival provides a much-needed platform for aspiring filmmakers to show their work, build their network, and meet professionals in their field. What a great opportunity!”

Opened in June 2005 in the historic Waverly Theater, The IFC Center, the ultimate entertainment space for New Yorkers seeking out the best in independent film, has joined the number of community and corporate sponsors of the festival and has joined Jambox Entertainment in underwriting some of the prizes for the festival.   The festival, which grew out a classroom project, has developed into a platform for burgeoning filmmakers, and provides real time project management experience for the school’s media management MBA students.

Integral in the MCNY Purpose Centered Education teaching model is our Constructive Action, where in the MBA Programs, students conduct extensive business research, plan and begin implementing new media ventures in a myriad of fields.  As in past years, the Festival is proud to welcome Throwbax and Grave Shift Studios to join returning Soi66 on the list of student companies supporting the Festival as sponsors as well.

MCNY 4th Annual Media Management Short Film Festival is scheduled for 6-9pm on April 4 and 5 in the school’s 11th Floor Conference Center at 431 Canal Street, New York, NY, and will include a Keynote address by film and television executive Peter Anthony Andrews on Thursday, April 4 followed by the screening of the short film finalists on Friday April 5. The event is free and open to the public.  Additional information, including winning films from prior years, is available on our website at

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Voices From the Global Village: Upcoming events and internship opportunities

October 15, 2012

We are well into mid semester and I wanted to touch base with everyone to be sure that there are no issues and that everyone is proceeding with successfully progressing in their studies. Anyone who is having any issue with your studies or any other school related matter should make an appointment or email me as soon as possible.

I also wanted to bring a number of items to your attention:

1. There is an amazing internship opportunity for a student interested in gaining first hand experience in researching and developing a business plan and developing a marketing strategy for a new clothing manufacturing company. The Internship will require about 8 hours per week with a degree of flexibility about how those hours are met. Students that are interested should forward me their resume in an email indicating their interest ASAP.

2. The Cable Center is the nonprofit educational arm of the cable industry, dedicated to: Preserving and celebrating cable’s enduring contributions to society; Building bridges between cable and higher education; and Bringing together industry participants to share ways we can better serve our customers. Every year they hold a conference on the Cable Industry where students can hear from executives, learn about job opportunities and internships, and even participate in speed-dating style mock interviews with hiring managers in the industry. This year’s conference is scheduled for October 26, at the Paley Center in New York City. Participation is available for FREE to graduate and undergraduate students, but registration is required. For more info go to

3. There is an Internship Panel open to students hosted by NAMIC (National Association of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications on November 13. Students must scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking on their Events button to RSVP on the NAMIC Events Page.

4. Students also have the opportunity to join the Grammys and Emmys at Student Rates. Anyone interested in joining the Grammys or the Emmys can drop by my office in 1124 on Tuesday afternoon/early evenings for more information.

5. We are co-hosting a conference with the Emergency and Disaster Management MPA program on November 8, 2012 from 8:30-5pm at the school to discuss the interrelationship between social media and emergency response management. Please spread the word.

Check out the SMARMIE website for more information. We need volunteers for the day of the conference to assist in the filming and production of the event. Students interested in participating should email me ASAP so we can get you plugged into the event.

6. We have scheduled the 4th Annual Short Film Festival for April 4 -5, 2013 at the school. We will begin holding organizational meetings shortly to begin planning for the event. As has been in the past, students are involved in every aspect of the development, planning, organizing and production of the Festival. Anyone interested in participating in the film festival should email me indicating their interest so that I can be sure to send you a notice when we schedule the first meeting. A notice of when we will begin accepting submissions will also be sent out within the next two weeks.

We will keep you informed with additional information as it becomes available.  Have a great semester!

Prof. Kristie Velasco, Coordinator, School for Business MBA Media Management Program

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Voices from the Global Village: The Students Speak — Chris Figueroa “Video Chatting in Commerce”

January 4, 2012

The future of digital media: the evolution of video content on the web.

The day is coming when video chatting over the Internet to do business will be as common as walking into a store and starting up a conversation with an employee. By sitting in front of a computer, with a couple clicks on a mouse or keypad, you will be able to instantly engage a company employee who will appear on your screen and ask “Hi, how I can I help today?” It’ll be face-to-face “human” interaction, except that it will be done by hundreds of thousands of ones and zeros blasting through cyber space to replicate your image on the other end of the webcam. While it may not compare to the tactile experience of walking into a store, holding a product in your hands and trying it out, or purchasing it on the spot and then being able to take it home with you, a customer will still have the ability to “enter” a store and talk to staff about products and costs. This is where the future of digital media is headed and fast!

The fact is many businesses are already selling exclusively through the Internet without their customers having to physically walk into a store to purchase products. E-commerce is booming with companies like Amazon revolutionizing how the economics of supply and demand. However, it’s obvious that video- to-video chat functions are a growing trend.

Recently Facebook added a video-to-video chat feature to their text chat function. Now you can go on Facebook and video chat with your friends, family and social networking buddies just as if you were using Skype, iChat or any other kind of video-to-video program. This is good for Facebook because it gives you another reason why you can just stay on their site to video chat instead of going elsewhere. Google has taken it a step further by allowing Google + users to video chat with up to ten friends at a time, all while watching YouTube videos simultaneously. It’s called a “Google Hangout” and I will admit it’s fun but it’s only the beginning. If Google were smart they would add the ability for users in a “Google Hangout” to view Internet webpages together and seamlessly without having to send websites links back and forth to each other to review.
IChat and Skype already have this feature it’s called a “screen share” but it’s slow and IChat and Skype obviously don’t have all the other things such as the whole social networking aspect that “Google +” and “Facebook” have.

It won’t be long before this feature can become tool to help lead the way for companies to do business and make money in the future. However, three issues must be considered for there to be widespread adoption of video to video chat functions in retail commerce:

First, mobile broadband with which we are most commonly familiar, 3g, 4g etc., cannot keep up with the rapid growth and usage of mobile devices, mobile technologies and other digital media consumption – especially not if we are regularly engaged in video-to video chat encounters. This is one of the reasons why Apple’s new Facetime will only be available through a Wi-Fi connection until 4g, 5g, or 6g can catch up.

The second reason is that, with no economies of scale, video-to-video chat functions are still fairly expensive to provide on a mass basis to individuals. For example, to run a large scale video-to-video chat function on a website requires expensive software, like the Adobe Flash Interactive Media Server, which can cost around $4,600 dollars and up and that doesn’t even include the thousands of dollar in frequent updates that are required to keep the system running bug free. The major players in the industry can afford this cost easily but don’t forget the high cost of bandwidth and server space based on the amount of users and traffic for a specific site. These costs can reach in the tens of thousands without video-to-video chat functions; just image the cost when you factor in this feature.

The third reason is people are still hesitant with the idea of doing business in a video-to-video format. Being on a webcam, one on one with a stranger, to buy something or inquire about a product is something that most people might still find a little awkward. When you walk into a store you’re still in public so there are usually other people around and you feel more comfortable interacting with an employee that is a stranger to you. But when you’re on a web cam, it’s a little bit more personal, it’s more one on one, more face to face and the comfort zone of being in public is just not there. Regardless, as video-to-video chat functions become more and more common and more generally accepted as a norm in society then you will start to see more websites providing video-to-video services to conduct business. Once the major websites and businesses start doing it then you’ll start to see everyone else follow their lead.

Regardless of trepidations about the how, what and where, the important thing to keep in mind is this kind of video-to-video chat feature on the web is only the beginning. Because of this, I have decided to start my own e-commerce business, which will launch shortly. The business will be fully online and Internet based, and one of the key features that set us apart from our competition is… Yep you guessed it, a video-to-video chat feature that will allow business to run smoother, instantly and more relevant to the Internet age that we live in. It make sense to me and that is exactly why I’m betting on the fact that you will see a lot more companies using video-to-video chat to add a nice feature and function to their websites and business models.

Chris Manhattan Figueroa
CEO of Amy’s List
MBA Student and Internet Entrepreneur

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Voices from the Global Village: The Students Speak — Debie Lachman, “Social Media: The Value of Conversation”

December 12, 2011

As we end the year and enter the holidays, our students are taking finals, finishing papers and completing their other various course requirements in all of our programs.  For our MBA students, this means that they are also engaged in assessing and evaluating the success of their Constructive Actions, which is one of the unique features of an education at Metropolitan College of New York.

The Constructive Action is one of the tools MCNY uses to integrate the essential educational components of theory and practice into a cohesive and comprehensive whole in order to bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds and resolve the pedagogical dichotomy of emphasizing theory as advocated by most academic institutions versus the emphasis on the practical, applied approach advocated by the business community.   We achieve this by utilizing Purpose-Centered Education as a teaching model, where we fuse the acquisition of highly specialized industry specific knowledge with the study of professional managerial skills by combining classroom instruction in the Dimensions classes with applied knowledge and practice gained through Purpose Seminars and the Constructive Action.

Thus, in the MCNY Media Management MBA program, we provide students with an exemplary business education while also equipping them with the tools necessary to successfully navigate the unique nuanced business, operations and management characteristics of the media and entertainment industries.  Their studies include a comprehensive analytical overview of all aspects of the media industries, including entertainment law and contracts, the film, broadcast, music and publishing industries, art and theater administration as well as new media and marketing.   They are therefore prepared to enter the rapidly changing media industries with the knowledge and skill to develop models for successful exploitation and utilization of social and mobile media in the delivery of traditional entertainment industries; manage and develop new successful business models in changing music and publishing industries in light of digitization and convergence; and, be at the forefront of administration of successful business models for developing “new” media industries, entrepreneurial media ventures or improved service methods within media businesses.

Over the next few weeks, we want to take the opportunity to use this blog to feature those voices from the global village of our Media Management MBA students, discussing issues they have been studying and engaged in developing as part of their Constructive Actions.

As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts.

Kristie Velasco, Coordinator, MBA Media Management Program


Social Media: The Value Of Conversation

Welcome!  Allow me to first introduce myself.  My name is Debie Lachman, and I am a media marketing enthusiast.  I am also currently an MBA Media Management student at Metropolitan College of New York.  I have a strong background in art, advertising and communications design producing various projects from desktop publishing to branding, photography, advertising campaigns, print media, typography, and market research.  See my website for sample works.

Being a native to the “social” media world which is in the midst of a miraculous technological transition, I have seen and experienced the best of both worlds.  It seems like just yesterday I was submitting my assignments on floppy disks, where today, I am doing everything digitally.

Coming from a communications design background producing print advertising campaigns, the times of trimming and mounting ads has become obsolete and unnecessary manual labor.  All the hard work of perfecting edges and applying glue to ensure the images held in place takes away from allowing the limited viewers to focus on the actual campaign. This is no longer the case; social media has emerged, allowing mass communication with many rooms full of media experts anywhere, at any time.  Artists can display an array of works all over the Internet and generate conversations online about their works.  This new media can help any individual or organization find a voice online, and that’s exactly what it has become!

If you are reading this blog, you probably have already figured out the growing importance of getting your information from the Internet, and would be surprised how many people still do not understand the value of social media networks.  However, as the video below shows, there are many who still do not understand that social media networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become immensely popular over the years and have grown to become the norm as the platform for engaging others of thought, ideas, and overall personality, whether as an individual or organization.


The potential of Facebook has far exceeded the expectations of businesses and marketing professionals. What first started as a site to for college students to socialize or to connect family and friends that you might not see on a regular basis has become a platform for daily conversation and a tool to encourage brand awareness.  The very same stage used to highlight one’s personality created a domino effect of influence worldwide, closing the barriers of local and long distance.  Many in search of lost friends and family members have also adapted to this new media, creating even larger communities online, all living as neighbors in a virtual world.  Not being a part of this virtual community as an organization is almost equivalent to being non-existent.

Twitter is another sensation to hit the online world. According to BBC News and technology reporter, Maggie Shiels, Twitter has now accrued 200 million users and its popularity continues to grow.  And yet, what is Twitter many still ask?  That’s simple, Twitter is a real-time information network that connects one to the latest information about what they may find interesting.  The most unique aspect of this particular social network is that each Tweet is 140 characters in length, encouraging users to become creative within that space.  While this all sounds great for individuals, another question many are facing is how Twitter can help them improve or grow their businesses.  Twitter connects businesses to customers in real-time by sharing information quickly with those who are interested in their product and services.  By gathering real-time market intelligence and feedback, businesses can improve their product and services, build relationships with their consumers to produce overall customer satisfaction.

Now, if Facebook and Twitter is not your thing, LinkedIn is yet another option, and perhaps the most important one in a professional world.  LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that helps one establish a professional profile, stay in touch with colleagues and friends, find experts and ideas, and explore opportunities.  How is this different from any other social media site you ask?  Well, LinkedIn actually allows you to control the first impression people get when searching for you online; this is because LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results.

It is critical for today’s small business managers and owners to understand that in today’s competitive economy, efficiency helps in the decision making process of consumers if they are to leverage the benefits of social media networks for the businesses.  If positive information about your product is readily available, it can only work in your favor.  Businesses who do not engage in conversations with their consumers on a personal level lose vital information on consumer satisfaction.  These new media networks have replaced traditional public relations methods, by giving any one individual or business the control to promote and market their brands using pure conversation online.

For many companies and individuals, not having a presence online can be perceived as being practically non-existent, and so, therefore, establishing an online presence and understanding the basics of online and social media marketing is a critical start up requirement if you hope to compete as a business today.

Just imagine a world where online users are eager to share ideas, comments, and suggestions about what you are providing them and how to improve so they can continue to support your product or services…This is all possible with social media!

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