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RIP Adelaide Smith, MCNY School for Business, Media Management MBA, Class of 2011

September 28, 2012

To members of the MCNY Community:

It is with great deep sadness and personal regret that I report the passing of MCNY School for Business Media Management MBA alumnus Adelaide Smith, who died from complications of Congestive Heart Failure Wednesday night after collapsing last Sunday evening.

As many may not be aware, Adelaide was committed to her studies in the Media Management MBA program and extensively planned her move to NYC back in 2007 from Chicago after graduating from DePaul University. She often expressed that after raising her children and putting them through Ivy League graduate schools, she decided that it was time to return to school to get her BA and MBA and that with the knowledge in Media and Business that she would acquire studying in our program, she would be able to have a positive impact on the media and the lives of underprivileged communities with the hope of empowering her community through her Constructive Action venture Universal Sustainable Enterprises, LLC.

A diagnosis with Congestive Heart Failure interrupted her studies in 2008 and forced her to move out to California with her daughter to recuperate, but she made sure to tell me that she would return to complete her Media Management MBA degree when she was able. It took two years, but in 2010, Adelaide returned, and although it was often difficult to balance her medical condition, personal obligations and her studies, Adelaide made it a point to return to the school to proudly display her new MCNY Alumni identification and report how proud she was to have accepted her MBA from Drs. Thompson and Depoo in 2011. Those of us who knew Adelaide personally will smile and not be surprised to hear that she also informed me at that time of her detailed long term plans to redesign the layout and overall look of the actual identification card to be more fitting with the “proper stature of the program and school.”

Adelaide stayed connected to the Media Management program, often returning to inform us of whatever project she was working on at the moment and to offer any assistance that she might be able to give. She actively assisted in soliciting sponsors for last year’s Film Festival and vigilantly attended every event that was held by the School for Business. The last time we spoke this summer, she wanted marketing data about the Media program and the film festival, informing me that it was her intention to secure a corporate naming sponsor who could underwrite the long term institutionalization of the film festival.

Our condolences go out to her family and friends. The viewing and services will be held at the House of Hills Funeral Home at 1000 St. John’s Place in Brooklyn on this Sunday, September 30, 2012.

Viewing will begin at 4 p.m., followed by a service at 7 p.m.

Burial will be conducted on Monday.

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