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November 12, 2010

Welcome to Voices from the Global Village, the blog of the MCNY Media Management MBA Program.

I am Kristie Velasco, the new Coordinator of the MCNY Media Management MBA program and it is my hope that this blog may serve as a forum for the vibrant exchange of ideas in our “global village” that has emerged in the wake of the rapid fire development and advancements in our contemporary mass media technology as well as a means of spotlighting some of the individual voices within our “global village.”

We all know that today’s media pervade every aspect of our lives:  cell phones, iPods™, netbooks, tablet pads, e-readers, game consoles and the Internet are now standard equipment for everyone, from the smallest child to the elderly.  Students of media know that the proliferation and integration of media into our daily lives was foretold by communication theorist Marshall McLuhan back in the 1960s, when he posited that the medium itself was more important than the content it delivered; in his evocative words, “the medium is the message.”  Prophetically, contemporary mass media technology has and indeed continues to transform the world, removing limits, borders and boundaries, and fostering the continual growth of the “global village” described by McLuhan, allowing for the global exchange of diverse ideas.

As a member of this global village, MCNY knows the critical role that media plays in our society and the need for the most qualified individuals who possess clearly defined ideas and commitment to social justice to lead today’s media companies.  In the Media Management MBA program, our mission is to provide our students with the business skills, management tools and substantive expertise necessary to be at the forefront of emerging media trends, to navigate the changes in the industry and to provide leadership to successfully take these companies into the future, while never losing sight of our own responsibility to the larger society and the ever changing media environment.

A decade into the new millennium, we have now far surpassed McLuhan’s wildest ideas of how transformative media technology could be and the impact it could have on our social and cultural values.  In the past twenty years, we watched a wave of new media develop and more recently, the emergence of even “newer” new media that are radically changing how we communicate and interact as a society, how our culture is formed and transferred, and how we do business, as well as how consumers use media and the models for how these media businesses operate.  Consider that, as each day passes, we are also witnessing the collapse of traditional media business models, like those of the Music and Publishing industries, as they desperately search for ways to successfully adapt their business structures to today’s rapidly changing digital technologies and survive in today’s culture of rampant piracy, while also finding ways to remain relevant in today’s media environment of ever increasing consumer created content and Internet distribution markets.

One wonders if McLuhan could even imagine how prophetic he was in his ideas about the media, communication and the formation of a global village: Today, bloggers are considered established journalists and are recognized as such by the White House Press Office, campaign ads are embedded into video games, members of the House of Representatives tweet from the floor of Congress, real life family dysfunction has become standard fodder for reality television shows, Facebook™ is ubiquitous in our lives and businesses, an estimated 60% of young people actually take their cell phones to bed with them, we operate on a 24 hour news cycle, we are informed in real time of political protests that are conducted via text and the Internet even in the most conservative and closed countries like occurred in Iran and “Google” has become a verb.

If anything, with the volumes of consumer and industry produced media content, rapid fire technological advances and a government and media industries that are struggling to keep up with all of these changes, we run the risk of losing sight of some of the specific programs, achievements, efforts, advances and individuals that warrant recognition but may be overlooked in the cacophony of ideas and messages being exchanged in our vast global village.

Through this blog, the MCNY Media Management MBA program will spotlight some of these voices from the global village; from individual members of our MCNY family, to leaders in the media industries, to efforts of our program, to recent trends, developments or issues that might arise in media, all of which might otherwise go unheard.  Of course, we welcome your comments and ideas.


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