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MCNY School for Business awarded additional specialized accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs; Join us in Celebration December 6

November 21, 2012

After two years of intensive redesign and revision of the Undergraduate and Graduate MBA curricula, MCNY School for Business is proud to announce that it has now been awarded specialized accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP is a specialized accrediting organization that reviews the quality and integrity of business degree programs and accredits all business programs at all degree levels from associate degrees in accounting to doctorate degrees in management.

The culmination of extensive reflection, restructuring, implementation and assessment by the faculty, staff, alumni, students, industry professionals and business leaders of MCNY’s School for Business community, this accreditation is the affirmation of the revitalization and strength of MCNY’s ‘New’ School for Business programs and curricula.

Dr. Tilokie Depoo, Dean of the School for Business explained the motivation behind seeking this accreditation as a result of wanting to adopt ACBSP’s internationally recognized Standards for educational excellence and a recommitment to MCNY’s superior teaching model of Purpose Centered Education. “Our School for Business programs are built upon a foundation of programmatic innovation and the highest academic standards. We were the first in the nation to incorporate practical hands on Purpose Centered Education into our business programs and the first in the nation to offer an MBA in Media Management.” Listening to the feedback of Alumni, Employers and identifying new trends in business, MCNY undertook the initiative to revisit program requirements and courses while recommitting to the uniquely successful educational philosophy and teaching model of Purposed Centered Education created by their founder Audrey Cohen.

“Metropolitan College of New York has shown a commitment to teaching excellence and to the process of quality improvement by participating in the accreditation process,” said ACBSP Director of Accreditation Steve Parscale, who will present the Certificate of Initial Accreditation at the ACBSP Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 23, 2013. “This accreditation is evidence that MCNY is committed to providing the highest quality business education for their students.”

“In today’s age of political gridlock and economic recklessness, it is imperative that we continue to turn out business leaders who have received an education that provides them the necessary academic preparation and a commitment to corporate social responsibility,” said Dr. Depoo. “The School for Business puts our students through the paces they will meet when they enter the global business arena by providing them a hands on practical application of those critical core academic business competences, but never lets students forget they are members of a larger society with responsibilities to their individual communities and constituencies. Our faculty looked at the changing business landscape and identified areas for improvement in our curricula to provide our students with the necessary fundamentals in accounting, marketing, regulation, management and other business fields. After two years of implementation and extensive ongoing assessment, we are confident that we are providing our students with a world class education and the cutting edge entrepreneurial tools critical to successfully compete in today’s global economy.”

“It is an affirmation of MCNY’s delivery of quality education through the creative development and application of Purpose-Centered Education,” says MCNY President, Dr. Vinton Thompson. “It is our pleasure to congratulate the faculty and staff of the School for Business on this achievement and to thank them for their successful efforts.” This accreditation includes the following degree programs: the Associate of Science in Business, the Bachelors of Business Administration in Business, and the Masters of Business Administration in Media Management, Financial Services, and General Management. The School for Business accreditation by the ACBSP is in addition to its accreditations by the State of New York and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Please join us on December 6 from 3-8pm at “Celebrating MCNY’s School for Business: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” where we will recognize this important milestone in the development of MCNY and as we begin our ‘new’ School for Business. The event will also include recognition of our Dean’s List honorees, Advisory Board members, faculty and staff, networking opportunities and panel discussion with business leaders, and the official launch of our School for Business Alumni Group. Please RSVP for our Celebrating MCNY’s School for Business: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow event at

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