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Voices from the Global Village: Media Management MBA and Emergency and Disaster Management MPA programs collaborate to host/stream live SMARMIE conference on February 28, to discuss developing “Humanitarian Technologies”

March 4, 2013

On February 28, over 200 social media professionals and emergency managers converged on MCNY for the first annual SMARMIE  conference to hear speakers from around globe discuss the latest uses of social media networks as “Humanitarian Technologies” for emergency disaster planning and management.  Filmed and streamed live by faculty, students and alumni of the Media Management MBA Program, the day’s panelists included Dr. Patrick Meier, Director of Social Innovation at the Qatar Foundation’s Computing Research Institute, an internationally recognized thought leader on the application of new technologies for crisis early warning, humanitarian response and resilience; Phil Harris, CEO of Geofeedia a special social media search and discovery service location that helps emergency responders perform situational nearness by location by establishing geo-fences around physical locations and gathering all social media from those locations in real-time; Kim Stephens, the lead blogger of iDisaster 2.0 which focuses on the benefits as well as the challenges the emergency management community face when employing new information communications technologies; and Jeff Phillips, a local Emergency Manager in New Mexico and former Chief of Response and Recovery at the New Mexico Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (NMDHSEM) who developed and utilizes the Virtual Operations Support (VOST) concept of recruiting, organizing and tasking ‘trusted agents’ to perform as social media and new technology ‘force multipliers’ in emergency operations, among others.  (The full list of conference speakers and their bios is available at

Recognizing the rapidly advancing and developing role that social media industries play in emergency and disaster response planning and management, SMARMIE began as an idea for additional collaborative learning opportunities forged between the Emergency and Disaster Management MPA Program and the Media Management MBA Program.  It was believed that, by bringing together leaders in emergency response, social media and government, a synergistic dialogue could be encouraged where the collective expertise could be shared and potentially leveraged and lead to an advantage afforded to individuals and communities responding to a myriad of emergencies and disasters.

Utilizing our Purpose Centered Education teaching model, our Media Management MBA students had been studying and exploring the substantive issues integral to this inaugural SMARMIE event through live case studies in a number of their classes since last fall.  At the same time, they have and continue to work with our Emergency and Disaster Management students on guiding the EDM students’ development of social media marketing campaigns and videos that inform about the critical necessity of business continuity planning in anticipation of disasters.  Through this process our students have been able to engage in practical application of the substantive business or emergency management concepts learned in their Dimension classes to develop real life tangible projects that might address these critical needs via their Constructive Action.

In the School for Business Media Management MBA Program, our mission is to provide students with the business skills, management tools and substantive expertise necessary to be at the forefront of emerging media trends, to navigate changes in the industry and to provide leadership to successfully take these companies into the future, while never losing sight of our own responsibility to the larger society and the ever changing media environment. The ­first of its kind in the nation, and the our curriculum is oriented towards a practitioner-based learning model where management theories are fully integrated within the curriculum and students are expected to complete their degree with a tangible outcome, developed through hands on and field learning via the Constructive Action.

Similarly, the School for Public Affairs and Administration MPA Program in Emergency and Disaster Management is an advanced degree program that opens new career tracks for recent college graduates as well as for those looking to change careers, and further develops the knowledge base of professionals already working in the fi­eld. This highly specialized degree covers the planning, management, logistics, response, relief, recovery and economics associated with managing emergency situations.

Our students continue to collaborate on other projects where the substantive learning naturally overlaps.

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