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Voices From the Global Village: Congratulations 2011 Graduates!

June 24, 2011

June 11, 2011 was a great day for the MCNY family as we watched so many of our students take that well earned walk across the stage during the MCNY 34th Commencement Exercises to accept their degrees and officially join the ranks of tomorrows business, human service, public policy and education leaders in a variety of industries. I too applaud all of the MCNY graduates for their achievements and join the chorus of those acknowledging and thanking the families of the graduates for their sacrifice and support in helping their loved one achieve this invaluable accomplishment.

I do have of course, an understandable particular pride for the 2011 graduates of MCNY’s Media Management MBA Program. Each one of you could have pursued your graduate business education at any one of a number of schools offering an MBA. However, it is obvious that those who have completed this program came to MCNY because we offer what the others don’t. Our philosophy is that, in addition to the acquisition of excellent managerial, business administration and leadership skills, at MCNY we believe that an appreciation and commitment to social justice is integral to successfully operating a business or succeeding in a corporate environment. Throughout the formation of your CAs and interwoven throughout the traditional MBA competencies was a strong foundation of ethics and a constant review and discussion of how successful business people can create and provide business products or services that will have a positive impact on the communities within which they live and work in order to empower the larger society of which they are a member.

So I am proud of each of the Media Management MBA students who managed to balance all of their competing obligations and successfully complete their studies. Your experiences, friendships formed and skills and knowledge acquired in your classes at MCNY will remain with you long past your graduation, and will be that well you can draw from as you face business challenges and opportunities in your future. Actually, I understand that I have played a particularly visible role in the acquisition of some of those lessons; you are welcome Michael. (Smile)

In all seriousness, I welcome you all into this industry as colleagues who share an understanding that social responsibility is critical for business people in the media industry and who understand the integral role (good or bad) that media has in the formation of our self identities, cultural values, interpersonal relationships, economic and financial health, political direction, etc. From Cherise, to George, Lindsay, Alicia, Krystal, Saneeta, Latasha, Yoshi, Agata, Nazly and Cynthia, to Max, Jasmin, Vani, Jason, Nygil, Alex, Tichanda, and Michael and most recently, Mauttika, Patricia, Vegia, Marius, Angela, Jeanne, and Anastasia, and especially Adelaide and Lithera, two women who never gave up and fought to the last day to finish their degrees and secure their futures in the business world…as you each complete this program, know that I have high expectations for all of you.

I have no doubt that each of you can make a positive impact on the world and on the media while being successful business people. Know that we at MCNY remain available and welcome you to the MCNY Alumni family. Rest assured that I will reach out and call on you (as I do for those who have graduated before you) to help strengthen the program, as we continue our progress through our ACBSP Accreditation Candidacy and, more importantly to assist, advise and help guide those students coming behind you. Remember that this really does only work if we remain committed to the belief/moral imperative that ‘each one, teach one.’

Good luck. Never stop believing that one person can change the world.

Dios bendice.

Kristie Velasco
Coordinator, Media Management MBA Program

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