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The Associate of Science in Business

The goal of the Metropolitan College of New York's business degree programs is to provide access and enhance professional mobility of students traditionally denied access or who might otherwise find it difficult or impossible for reasons of age, race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or income to obtain an education in keeping with their aspirations and abilities; to engage them in the development and empowerment of the global business and larger social community; and, to encourage exemplary individual and corporate moral and ethical behavior and provide them with the knowledge necessary for mastery of successful business and managerial skills and responsibilities.

Hanan Mountajy, AS, Business, '13

How did you choose MCNY?
I learned about MCNY while I was serving in Iraq. I was looking for military friendly, yellow ribbon schools in Manhattan. It helped that I was able to start some of my classes online since I didn't know if I would be transferred. Also I'm not traditional and I like to try different things so MCNY was perfect. You get to go outside the classroom and do research.

How did your education lead to what you do now?
I want to open my own lifestyle boutique of home goods. At MCNY I worked on a business plan to make that happen. I conducted market research on everything from the name to the logo. I didn't know how much I needed to know! MCNY gave me all the guidance and information I needed. Now I have an amazing vision of how the boutique will be right down to the design.

What is different about MCNY?
I liked that the MCNY program was specifically designed for people who work. I investigated different programs beforehand and the Media Management program at MCNY blended competencies in a way no one else had done.

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