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The Associate of Science in Business

About This Program

The AS/BBA business curriculum is geared to providing practical, nuts-and-bolts courses specifically focusing on the needs of business students, while simultaneously providing grounding in the relevant historical and philosophical contexts. The Bachelor degree spans eight semesters (Purposes) each of which entails five dimensions: Purpose, Values and Ethics, Self and Others, Systems and Skills, which are the cornerstone of the MCNY's Purpose-Centered Education Model. The model necessarily and simultaneously calls for a direct nexus between theory and Purpose as well as theory and practice, and derives from the belief that theory married to practice in a contemporaneous manner is the optimum approach to ensuring that knowledge applied is indeed wisdom gained.

Each semester, students carry out a project that on organizational improvement or entrepreneurial development that demonstrates how they use knowledge to take action to master the semester's purpose. These credit-bearing research documents reflect actual business planning, implementation and assessment. The Constructive Actions demonstrate how each student uniquely fuses academic/professional knowledge with organizational goals and operations. Students can arrange for valuable internships or career placement through our dynamic Office of Career Services. The business degree that you want is within your reach and the future that you want is attainable. Ours is a program that completely fits both your life and career goals. This unique blend of the personal and the professional is what makes MCNY different from other colleges.

Highlight of the degree program:

  • Program is fully accredited by Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), both the Associate of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • The total number of credits to compete the Associate degree is 60 and 120 credits for the Bachelor's degree.
  • Faculty who are practitioners and experts in the field they teach.
  • Career track concentrations and options.
  • Entrepreneurship - New Venture Financing and Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Accounting - Managerial Accounting
  • Project Management - Introduction to Project Management and International Human Resource Management
  • Associate degree can be complete in 1 year 4 four months.
  • Bachelor degree can be completed in 2 years eight months.
  • Students have the option of greater scheduling flexibility through several online course options.
  • There is increased use of technology in the delivery of the curriculum to build student abilities to function in a high-tech knowledge based economy and world.
  • New industry-relevant courses are added to curriculum (Project Management, Small Business Management, etc.).

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