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The Bachelor of Business Administration

A Letter from the Coordinator

Welcome to the School for Business at Metropolitan College of New York!

Business remains a constantly evolving and progressive field of opportunities for those who have the education and requisite skills to personal and professional success. Metropolitan College of New York, School for Business offers world-class programs that will prepare you for the challenging global business environment. At MCNY, our heritage and commitment is towards educating future business leaders within the various distinctions of the industry. Whether you choose to become an effective team player and leader within a company or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur, you can be sure that the insights from our faculty, coupled with the values, ethics and cultural understandings gained in the business program will instill a life-long foundation for success.

Some unique features of our undergraduate business program are:

  • Purpose-Centered Education: Utilizing Purpose-Centered Education as a teaching model, the MCNY's Business Programs fuse the acquisition of highly specialized industry specific knowledge with the study of professional business and managerial skills by combining classroom instruction in the Dimensions classes with applied knowledge and practice gained through their Purpose Seminars and their Constructive Action. Read more about our unique model here.
  • Excellence of Business Accreditation: The Business Programs are in the process of a voluntary accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). All students and graduates of the MCNY Business Programs' degrees (past, present and future) will gain the recognition of relevancy and currency of faculty, programs, and courses as well as a strengthened and recognized degree.
  • New Program Updates: The faculty of the Business Programs along with industry leaders have helped in the redesign and updating of the all the Business Programs at MCNY. The Business Advisory Board brings together the leaders of all areas of industry including finance & banking, entrepreneurship and general operations management to inform the curricula and subsequent updates.
  • Quality Faculty: Over that past years, the Business Programs have invested a focused effort in recruiting practitioner-based faculty members that are involved in advising and operating within the business community. The faculty members of MCNY bring their expertise, experience, and passion for teaching in the classroom. Read more about our faculty here.
  • Unique Career Tracks: Whatever your focus, the undergraduate business program provides you with the ability to apply the concepts of Purpose-Centered Education in your professional entrepreneurial and/or intrapreneurial activities and personal lives. Explore career tracks in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Project Management in detail here.

I am excited to invite you to join us, enroll in our undergraduate business program and discover to possibilities in business! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at:

Davinder Kaur, MPM
Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Business
(212) 343-1234 Ext. 2203

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