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Electronic Bills, Payments & Refunds

What is CASHNet?

CASHNet is a new electronic billing, payment and refund service offered by MCNY. Through this service, students will have the ability to check monthly billing statements and pay tuition and other expenses online.

What are some of the benefits using CASHNet?

  • Convenient access to e-bills and payment services 24 hours a day/ 7days a week via the Internet using your secure, MCNY Self-Service account.
  • Ability to make payments via electronic check or credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa).
  • Private secure services. Data is encrypted.
  • Convenient access for Parents and other Authorized Users/Payors to view student billing information and make payments on behalf of the student.
  • Access to online payment history.
  • Ability to print an e-bill at any time via the Internet.
  • Email notification that e-bill statement is available and/or optional notification via text message.
  • Fast and convenient direct deposit of student's refund(s) into their authorized checking or savings account.
  • Email notification that eRefund has been deposited into their banking account.

How do I access CASHNet?

Students will access CASHNet through the Finances Tab of MCNY's Student Portal - Self-Service. Once there, students will be redirected to CASHNet's secure portal to view official eBills and/or make payments. Here is what you will do:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Select BILLING AND PAYMENTS from the navigation bar.
  4. Select BALANCE from the red navigation bar to view your current balance detail. (You may bypass this step.)
  5. Select PAY ONLINE AND VIEW BILLING STATEMENTS from the red navigation bar. This link will take you to the CASHNet portal where you will be able to view your balances, make your payment and/or view your static billing statement. Please note: Billing statements are generally published every month. Although the information on the statement is static, the CASHNet balance will always be the real-time balance.

How will I know when my eBill is available?

Each time a new billing statement is available, an email from will be sent to your official MCNY iqmail email address.

How do students give Parents or other Authorized Users/Payers access? How can my Parents or other Authorized Users/Payers view my eBill?

Students have the option to designate a parent, spouse or others to be Authorized Users/Payers. Students use their own CASHNet account to set up and manage Authorized User/Payer accounts. After students designate individuals as Authorized Users/Payers, CASHNet will email the Authorized Users/Payers access information to their own separate Authorized User/Payer accounts. Student must have the email address of the Authorized User/Payer in order to complete the process.

To designate an authorized user:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Select BILLING AND PAYMENTS from the navigation bar.
  3. Select PAY ONLINE AND VIEW BILLING STATEMENTS from the red navigation bar. This will take you to your CASHNet ACCOUNT HOME PAGE.
  4. From YOUR ACCOUNT HOME PAGE find the AUTHORIZED PAYERS box. Click on the ADD NEW link.
  5. Enter the following information:
    1. Authorized Payer (name of mother, father, spouse, etc.).
    2. Email Address (Authorized User's personal email address).
    3. Confirm Email Address.
    4. Add a Note to the welcome email (CASHNet will send an email to your Authorized user with a temporary user name and password. (You may personalize that message here.)
    5. Should this person... Set user's permission level by responding to each of the 4 questions in this section.
    6. Click on OK to complete the process or click on Cancel.

Once you have completed this process CASHNet will send a welcome email to the email address you provided. The email will contain your optional note, login ID, temporary password and a link to access the Authorized User/Payer CASHNet Portal.

Authorized Users/Payers may then use this site to view their student's e-bill and any past payments made by that authorized user. Students can withdraw permission at any time by changing the access level of the user.

After their first login, Authorized Users/Payers may go directly to their payment portal by using the URL:

It is the student's responsibility to manage their Authorized Users/Payers.

Do I have to be on eBilling?

Yes, the College has designated electronic billing as the official means of generating tuition & related expenses. All currently enrolled students will receive an email notifying them that a bill is available for viewing. Each time a bill is available, an email will be sent to your official MCNY iqmail email address.

How do I print a paper copy of my bill?

CASHNet stores copies of billing statements. Students can easily print a copy of their e-bill using any computer connected to the Internet and a printer.

The bills are available in PDF format and can be printed using the <PRINT> icon on the PDF reader tool bar.

If I make a payment, can I view it on my electronic bill or eBill immediately?

No, because the electronic bill is a static monthly billing statement. Payments made to your account will be reflected on your next electronic bill. However, students can verify payments posted in dynamic real-time by logging onto Self-Service.

Once logged in on Self-Service,

  1. Select BILLING AND PAYMENTS from the navigation bar
  2. Select BALANCE from the red navigation bar to view your current balance detail. Next, via the drop down, select the period (year and term) you would like to view (ex. fall 2011). You may view by Detail by Charges/Credit, Detail by Summary Type and/or Balance Summary.

Please note that Authorized Users/Payors can only see a summarized general balance in real-time through the CASHNet site. They will not be able to see the payment reflected until the next monthly billing statement.

Do students or Authorized Users/Payors have to make their payments online?

No, students or Authorized Users/Payors can print a hard copy of the eBill via the Internet and mail their payment (check, cashier's check, money order) along with the remittance portion of the printed eBill to the mailing address on the remittance slip.

Make payments payable to: MCNY

NOTE: Make sure the student's MCNY ID number is written on the paper check.

What is an electronic check (also known as an ACH)?

An electronic check (e-Check or ACH transfer) is similar to writing a paper check. The only difference is that you are authorizing the debiting of your checking or savings account online without presenting a physical paper check.

Once you are logged on to the CASHNet site and begin to make a payment, you will be asked which method of electronic payment you wish to use: credit card or electronic check (ACH).

You will need your bank account number and routing number (located at the bottom of your paper check). You can choose to store this information on the secure CASHNet site for future use. If you choose not to store the account number and routing numbers on the CASHNet site, you will have to re-enter this information each time you make a payment.

Does CASHNet charge for e-billing, e-check (ACH) and e-refund services?

No, CASHNet offers these services free of charge.

Can I submit a post-dated online electronic check?

No, the policy regarding postdated checks remains the same as if you were submitting a paper check. The college does not accept post-dated checks.

Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any additional questions about CASHNet or other student account issues, please contact:

Metropolitan College of New York
Student Financial Services, ATTN: Bursar
431 Canal Street
New York, N.Y. 10013
212-343-1234 ext. 5002

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