Dr. Melvin Isadore Douglass Fund for Urban Education

Melvin Douglass

The Dr. Melvin I. Douglass Scholarship for Urban Education is the first at MCNY dedicated to students in the Masters of Science in Education program, and the first fund established by an African American man at the College. MCNY’s Masters of Science in Education is a one-year intensive program that certifies teachers for positions in New York City schools in grades K-6 in both early childhood and special education. Since establishing the master’s program in 2004, teachers from diverse low-income neighborhoods across New York City have been trained and certified. The Dr. Melvin Isadore Douglass Scholarship for Urban Education will emulate Dr. Douglass’ vision and commitment to enhancing the skills and practice of inner city teachers who work to improve the educational and socio-economic status of inner city students. Dr. Douglass believes that a teacher’s pedagogical ability is elemental to student success. He says: “Schooling is the foundation from which a healthy sustainable community is built and teachers are an instrumental factor.” Therefore, the scholarship will be awarded to an inner city teacher who has demonstrated scholarship and community service.

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