Steven K. Lenhart Scholarship Fund

Steven LenhartIn the spirit of the passion that Steven Lenhart had for higher education, Metropolitan College of New York and Steven’s life partner Tom Carroll have established “The Steven K. Lenhart Scholarship Fund” for graduate students.

Steven strongly believed that access to a quality education must remain affordable. He went to great lengths to advocate for scholarships and ensure that all prospective students be advised of financial aid opportunities prior to embarking on their MCNY journey. His interaction with students did not end upon registration. He often followed their progress and kept in touch as they traveled into their field of study.

In the words of Audrey Cohen, “the real test of learning is not in what we know, but in what we accomplish with what we know.” Steven had great pride in the adult students he laughingly called “my KIDS.” These ‘kids’ will take the world of knowledge they explore while at MCNY and apply it to make a difference. He always felt that the college’s greatest asset is our alumni – “The Change-Agents of the World!”

This fund will be supported by donations made by those who share Steven’s passion for education. By making a tax-deductible contribution to this fund, you will help our students continue to achieve their educational goals.

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