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Learning Enhancement Center

Who We Are

MCNY's new Learning Enhancement Center offers a wide range of services, both at the Center and online, to help students develop their writing, math and other necessary skills for academic success at MCNY.  Many of us also teach at MCNY, helping to bridge classroom experience and independent learning through one-on one tutoring sessions.

Our Math and Writing Specialists hold Master’s degrees in their teaching area and are familiar with Purpose Centered education.

What We Do

The Learning Enhancement Center provides FREE One-on-One Tutoring in Math and Writing. This includes:

  • Assignment assistance
  • APA citation  
  • Research techniques
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Student learning assessment
  • Online tutoring services
  • Study skills
  • Essay and CA development skills
  • Mathematical assistance at all levels
  • Assistance to Master’s students in all programs

We do not offer an editing service to fix essays or do student’s homework.

In addition, The Center provides ongoing faculty development in redesigning learning environments to optimize student learning and offers in-class enrichment workshops. The Learning Enhancement Center is open to all students and faculty.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Learning Enhancement Center is to maximize students' academic potential in writing, math, and study skills by providing tutoring in a supportive and technology-enabled learning environment. To fulfill the mission of the Learning Enhancement Center, our goals are to:

  • Address the academic needs of the MCNY community through the ongoing assessment of student learning in writing and math;
  • Promote the practices of pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing as essential stages of the writing process;
  • Enable students to improve their math competency and quantitative reasoning skills;
  • Support faculty and staff in their integration of critical thinking and writing across the curriculum;
  • Foster independent learning and learning as a life-long process.

Hours, Location, and Contact Information

Students can be referred to the LEC by professors, or they can make appointments on their own by coming to the Center. We are located in the Learning Commons on the 7th floor.

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

Metropolitan College of New York
60 West Street
New York, New York 10006

Contact info:

Call to schedule an appointment:

Phone: (212) 343-1234 ext. 2438


Dwight Hodgson, Coordinator of Learning Enhancement Center and Mentor and Leadership Development Program
, ext.2437

Sandra Ariza, LEC Office Administrator
, ext 2438

Barrington Scott, Math Specialist
, ext 2449

Aleksandr Rusinov, Math Specialist
, ext 2446

Nathan Schiller, Writing Specialist
, ext 2418

Yasmine Alwan, Writing Specialist
, ext 2416

Polly Bresnick, Writing Specialist
, ext 2429

Learning Enhancement Center's Blog: The Specialist

The LEC Blog engages students with topics that connect their coursework with current events and learning reflections. The blog also invites students at different levels to connect and interact with our Learning Center as a kind of clearing house for critical inquiry - modeling engagement with current issues as lifelong learners. Read new posts by the Specialists weekly!

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