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2008 North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season

June 2, 2008

On June 1, the 2008 North Atlantic tropical cyclone season began.  While there have, of course, been instances where hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions have formed outside of the June-November season, the bulk of tropical systems in the Atlantic occur within this six month period.  Although the seasonal peak for New York and the northeastern United States comes in August and September, now is the time to take a moment to review your preparedness levels as they pertain to tropical cyclone activity.  The New York City Office of Emergency Management (NYC OEM) provides New Yorkers with useful information on those steps that must (not should) be taken to better protect your family, friends, and property in the event a hurricane or tropical storm “sets its sights” on the Big Apple.  Please keep in mind that a mature-stage tropical cyclone can extend several hundred miles across, so even if the eyewall should pass away from your location, you can still be affected by high winds, heavy rains, and high surf conditions.  NYC OEM’s excellent website can be accessed using the link on Disaster Central’s menu bar.  Remember, preparedness is a decision best made early, so make the decision today to be better prepared tomorrow!

Have you ever experienced first hand the effects of a hurricane or tropical storm?  If so, please share your experiences with Disaster Central.  As the lessons of Emergency Management and Homeland Security are largely experiential in nature, it’s important that readers understand the mechanics and nature of tropical cyclones – and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through a sharing of such experiences.

Professor Longshore

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