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Bo Mitchell Delivers at “Protect Your Brand” Event

April 8, 2013









By: Obiano Huntley

On March 26, 2013 students, professors and emergency management practitioners from the public and private sectors were edified by a consummate professional about the importance of having an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Mr. Bo Mitchell, founder of 911 Consulting, delivered a three hour presentation which was packed with information, while at the same time dynamic because of his use of videos and humor. Mr. Mitchell managed to keep the audience engaged and through stressing the need for vigilance and proactivity, the mindset of persons in attendance changed for the better.

The free event titled, “Plan to Protect Your Brand” was orchestrated by MCNY and   Red Pyramid NYC . It proved to be great success. An all hazards approach was emphasized by Mr. Mitchell; this entails situation specific risk assessments and plans aimed at preventing and mitigating the effects of all types of natural and man-made disasters.  For entities to maintain and build upon their reputation, protecting workers and persons who venture into their compound or jurisdiction is of preponderant importance. Not only is it ethically and morally correct, but it is also federally mandated. Being negligent or haphazardly approaching such an important aspect of safety endangers the survival and reputation of public and private entities. Mr. Mitchell brilliantly made this lucid and built upon this in the sessions that followed.

These sessions focused on work place violence and active shooter situations. Referencing stipulations spelled out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Mr. Mitchell was adamant that professionalism and experience are key in developing plans which are compliant with federal expectations and regulations. Figures were cited to show the alarming state of affairs in the US: 4.1 million workplace injuries, 2 million incidents of workplace violence and nearly 6,000 accidental workplace deaths, all within the past year.  Mr. Mitchell believes that in order to be resilient entities need to plan, train, exercise and drill. For an individual who has decades of experience in security and emergency management consulting, and an individual who has worked in drafting plans for universities, high rise buildings and Fortune 500 companies,  this proposition resonated and reiterated the need for repetition and redundancy in preparation.

It seems almost a given that it would be easy for entities in the private and public sector to vehemently come on board. This however, as sadly pointed out by Mr. Mitchell, is not the case. Myths and fallacious reasoning such as “it wouldn’t happen here” and “we have done something” are not sufficient.  Such wanton disregard of trends exemplifies nonchalance and can negatively affect your brand. Mr. Mitchell correctly views fear of change major impediment to effectively training and formulating plans by entities in the public and private sectors. Where change for the better is instituted, it can mean knowing how to react and how to correctly plan to mitigate the effects of a hurricane or recognizing signs in persons who are volatile and prone to becoming violent. “Protect Your Brand” proved to be informative and sensitized those in attendance as to why as emergency managers we should strive for perfection.


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Ali Gheith is the Director of MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management at Metropolitan College of New York.

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