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MCNY Students Contribute at Full Scale Exercise at LaGuardia Airport

June 28, 2013

purpose 2 group shotBy: Obiano Huntley

On Saturday, June 22, students from MCNY’s MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management program participated in a Full Scale Exercise (FSE) organized by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Like in years pass, MCNY students actively participated and wounded up gaining a greater appreciation of the extent to which emergency managers and first responders go to protect lives, critical resources and key resources and the city.

The scenario was based on a crashed plane landing scenario. MCNY students along with volunteers from other agencies played survivors with varying degrees of injuries. Make-up artists were on site and did a great job of moulaging the victims prior to the exercise. For the teenagers, fascination was mixed with intrigue as everyone took photos and shared them through text messages and social media.

Once the victims were briefed as to what to expect, we boarded the plane and tried to make the incident as chaotic as possible for the first responders. Workers from various city agencies then stepped in and operated as they would as though the event was real. Hazmat teams, personnel from FDNY, the Port Authority, EMS and other first response agencies stepped in to rescue the survivors. Triaging was impeccably done after victims were assessed and taken off the aircraft.

Professionalism, focus and organization were evident in the various agencies that responded: this reinforced confidence in how the city is preparing for emergencies and disasters. Thoughtfulness and precision combined and resulted in a well formulated scenario, which though frightening, is very much possible.

The MCNY students all came away seeing first-hand the important role emergency managers and first responders play in events which test our preparedness and resolve. For emergency managers the true depth of specifics in planning a training and exercise event was more appreciated. The relevance of our involvement and the experience will come to bear as our careers in the field evolve.


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Ali Gheith is the Director of MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management at Metropolitan College of New York.

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