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The MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management

The Masters of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management is an advanced degree program, which opens new career tracks for recent college graduates as well as those looking to change careers, and further develops the knowledge base of professionals already working in the field. Comprehensive emergency and disaster management is a complex field that requires expertise in multiple areas. This highly-specialized degree will cover the planning, management, logistics, response, relief, recovery and economics associated with managing emergency situations.

Immediate Decision Day. Wednesday, May 04

Jean Paul Roggiero, MPA, Emergency and Disaster Management, '06

What is different about MCNY?
The quality of the professors. They had a strong commitment to making sure the students were well prepared for the work they'd be doing. The education was not all theoretical. We learned exactly how to go about managing and initiating a project from beginning to end.

I also appreciated that the Emergency Management program was not focused on just one sector. The professors exposed us to various agencies we could be working with, whether it was the banking sector for business continuity or various paths we could take in local, state, and federal government. I was able to see what I really wanted to do. Even though I knew I wanted to be in a healthcare setting I could easily transfer what I learned to other sectors.

How did your education lead to what you do now?
At MCNY I developed a way to enhance a hospital's emergency management plan in regards to a small pox. The plan I created integrated efforts from the community as a whole in order to have a more robust response to an emergency. That experience was valuable to my future - I learned how to carry out a more effective response. The work I did in school led to what I'm doing now as Senior Program Manager for the national-not for-profit, Primary Care Development Corporation.

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