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The MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management

Constructive Action

For MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management students, the CA functions as a real-world consulting assignment. The Constructive Action is done as a group project, with the students working together to develop a single, comprehensive, emergency management plan for an actual non-profit organization.

The professor serves as "Project Manager" and students are assigned particular responsibilities based on their expertise and availability. (For example, a student working full-time during the day might be assigned research and analysis tasks that can be completed in the evening; while a student available in the day might be assigned data collection).

In addition to the Constructive Action, students may also do internships at various public and private agencies; including the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the NYC Office of Emergency Management.

The CA is the heart of MCNY's Purpose-Centered Education which encompasses learning, action and assessment. This means that first students acquire the necessary information and skills, next they are asked to put that knowledge to use in a professional setting and finally, they are expected to reflect and analyze the results.

"The most recent CA project was for faith leaders in the tri state area. Our students organized a table top exercise to examine houses of worships level of preparedness in responding to pandemic influenza. More than 150 religious leaders participated in the exercise. Based on lesson learned from conducting this exercise, our students developed an All Hazards Plan (AHP) guide for houses of worships to assist the religious leadership in systematically improving response and efficiency. The AHP explains the formation of an Emergency Response Team, how to do a Vulnerability Analysis, and how to integrate the plan. It also has individual sections on Hazard Specific Information affecting houses of worships in the tri state area. This CA is clearly in line with MCNY's mission and directly benefited the faith-based communities and the general public."

Ali Gheith
MPA In Emergency and Disaster Management

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