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Frequently Asked Questions about:

Applying for the GED

Q: How and when may I apply for my GED?

Please read the directions thoroughly and complete a GED Requirements Packet.
If you have satisfied the course requirements, you may submit the packet and a money order to the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will then send the packet and money order to the NY State Education Department (NYSED) in Albany

It often takes up to 3 months for NYSED to send you the GED.

Q: What do I do once I have received the GED?

A: Since you will receive the only original, please bring the GED to the Office of the Registrar to update your folder.

Cooperating Teacher

Q: When may I register?

A: Registration with the voucher extends from the end of pre-registration (academic advisement) through the first day of classes. Please check the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Q: What is the cost of the course?

A: Although the course is free with the voucher, you are responsible for all applicable fees and the cost of books.

Q: How many courses may I take?

A: You may take one course per voucher. If you have two vouchers you may take two courses.

Q: Will I be guaranteed enrollment for the course that I choose?

A: Although priority seating will be offered to paying enrollees, the College will strive to place you in your chosen course.

Q: Might someone else use the voucher if I am unable?

A: No, the voucher is not transferable.

Q: Will a duplicate voucher be issued if one is lost?

A: No, the voucher will not be replaced.

Q: What happens to my voucher if I should withdraw?

A: The voucher is expended once you enroll. No extension, replacement, or rain check will be issued if you withdraw.

Q: Are there income tax implications if I use the voucher?

A: Yes, the College must issue an IRS 1099 form at the year’s end for the value of the tuition of the course(s) covered by the voucher(s). You are encouraged to discuss this with your tax advisor.

Q: How would I request a transcript?

A: Please download a Transcript Request form from our Registrar Forms page.

Your feedback is welcome and important to making this website informative and relevant to you. If you would like to propose a question pertaining to procedures and services not covered on the MCNY website, the Student Handbook, or the FAQ page, please e-mail:

Enrollment Verification

Q: If a company/employer needs to verify my enrollment, what is required in order to receive the information?

A: The company must provide to the Office of the Registrar a written request including a copy of the release form that you signed authorizing that educational information may be released to them. Processing time is usually 1 to 2 business days from the day that the request is received.

Grades and Grade Reports

Q: What is MCNY's grading scale?

A: MCNY will have grades ranging from "A" through "F" and effective Spring 2005, will also include minus grades. Click here to download a Transcript Explanation form.

Q: What does an "NR" grade mean?

A: The "NR" is a temporary placeholder grade issued by the Office of the Registrar in cases where the grade intended by the professor is unclear. The professor is notified and upon the professor's reply, the "NR" will be replaced with an actual grade. An updated grade report with the professor's intended grade will be sent to you.

Q: How soon do I have to turn in my work to resolve an incomplete?

A: You must turn in work to satisfy your incomplete grade by the date indicated by your professor on an Incomplete Grade Notification form, but no later than the 7th week of the new semester. It is important to clear up any "incompletes" quickly. Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Q: When does my "I" turn into an "F"?

A: The "I" turns into an "F" after the 10th week of the new semester.

Q: If I have submitted work to my professor and am expecting a grade change, how do I verify that the grade has been changed?

A: The report reflecting the updated grade will be printed and mailed to you.

Graduation Requirements

Q: Is my folder complete? How do I check my folder?

A: Contact the Admissions department, at 212-343-1234 ext. 5001 to verify that all of your required admissions documents are in your folder. For more information on the academic requirements to graduate your particular degree program, consult the Student Handbook.

Q: What documents do I need to file to graduate?

A: The Office of the Registrar only requires a completed Application for Graduation.

Q: How do I participate in the graduation ceremony?

A: Call 212-343-1234 ext. 7005 for information, 24 hours. A memo is mailed to each eligible student with information about participating in commencement well in advance.

Health Requirements

Q: Are there any health requirements?

A: New York State law requires that all College students submit proof of immunity against mumps, measles and rubella.

Loan Deferment

Q: What is a loan deferment?

A: A loan deferment certifies your enrollment for the current semester allowing you to postpone repayment of the principal balance of the loan. The In-School Deferment must be returned to the Office of the Registrar.

Q: When are loan deferments processed?

A: Loan deferments are processed after you have been verified for 4 weeks of attendance.

Receiving Your Diploma

Q: Will I receive my diploma at the graduation ceremony?

A: No, diploma distribution is not part of the actual ceremony. Graduates will be notified at a later date by the Office of the Registrar by mail when the diplomas are available with instructions how to retrieve them.

Q: How soon will I get my diploma?

A: A thorough degree audit of every candidate's folder may take 8-10 weeks before the graduating class is certified. Once the class has been certified, the Office of the Registrar orders the diplomas from an outside source. It usually takes several weeks (and up to 4 months in unusual circumstances) to fill an order. Upon receipt of the diplomas, the Office of the Registrar will package each diploma and mail pick-up instructions to each graduate.

Q: How can I order a replacement for my original diploma?

A: MCNY does not issue duplicate diplomas for graduates. The diploma that you retrieve is the only copy to which you will be entitled. Please keep it in a safe place.

Q: How do I change my name for the diploma?

A: You must complete an Application for Graduation to have your folder audited for graduation and to verify the name you would like to appear on the diploma. Any changes of name must be notarized with supporting documentation and the Change of Name form. Please note: Once you have completed the course requirements at the close of your final semester, not withstanding any pending or outstanding grades, no additional changes to your name will be accepted.

Q: If I were not able to come in person, how would I obtain my diploma?

A: If you are not able to come to the office in person due to extenuating circumstances, you may request that the diploma be mailed to you. If your circumstances are a medical disability or an out-of-state residence, you may fax a written request to the attention of the Office of the Registrar at 212-343-7397, including your:

  • name
  • student ID or Social Security number
  • former mailing address
  • new mailing address
  • photo ID: a photocopy of your MCNY ID card, driver's license, job photo ID, or passport
  • reason for requesting it be mailed to you with supporting documentation (if medical)
  • signature

We will mail your diploma certified to the new address you indicate. If you have a Bursar or Library "hold," you must contact that office and resolve the balance before your diploma is released.

Please note: students who live within the New York metropolitan area, can reach the College by public transportation, and/or have not a documented physical impairment are expected to retrieve their diplomas in person. The Office of the Registrar will not honor such requests.


Registration and Schedule Adjustments

Q: I've completed registration, but why does my name not appear on the attendance roster?

A: Contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm that you are registered and that you are attending the courses and sections for which you are registered.

Q: How do I transfer from one degree or program to another?

A: You must complete a Change of Degree/Curriculum form and fax to the Registrar. Please consult the Student Handbook for the policies governing the transfer that you are considering.

Transcript Requests

Q: If my transcript was sent but the recipient still has not received it, what do I do next?

A: Contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm that your transcript request was processed.

Q: If I have a Bursar or Library balance, may I still request a transcript? May I have an unofficial copy instead? May I request a transcript for employment?

A: MCNY policy restricts you from receiving any type of transcript with a Bursar or Library balance.

Veterans' Benefits

Q:How do I apply for veterans' benefits?

A: To apply for veterans' benefits, students should bring a certified copy (or copy #4) of their DD214 form to the Registrar's Office with their acceptance letter. Metropolitan College of New York is approved for the training of veterans by the New York State Department of Education.

Veterans may be certified for benefits for one semester at a time and must contact the Registrar prior to the start of each new semester to be re-certified. Veterans should be aware that any change in student status, such as non-attendance or withdrawal, may affect their benefits and must be reported immediately to the Registrar.

The Office of Student Services provides tutoring to veterans, and the counselors make every effort to assist veterans in making the most of their potential as students. For more information, students should contact the New York State Regional Office of the Veterans Administration, 252 Seventh Avenue, New York, New York 10001, 212-620-6514.

Page revised on February 8, 2005

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