Recognizing Generation 1.5

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When I was growing up, there was no Dora the Explorer and no Ni-Hao Kai-Lan.
The cartoons of my childhood communicated solely in English. Ren and Stimpy, Doug, and the Rugrats were not bilingual. I, on the other hand, had to jump between two languages and two cultures.



Be Your Own Superhero: Grade-Saving Strategies

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Students often find themselves on the verge of flunking a class, and having already lost the option to withdraw, the realization of the situation  produces a panic that becomes debilitating.  As a result, some students succumb to the frenzy and allow the rest of their semester to crash and burn.

Instead, “Keep calm and carry on”, as states the recently commercialized British government slogan.  Don’t wave the white flag and don’t call off the troops. There’s still time to save your grade!

The following grade-saving strategies will help you make the most of the remaining semester:

1. Reach out to professors

Communicating with professors is an excellent grade-saving strategy. It’s never too late to speak to the instructor. Express your desire to improve your current standing and find out exactly what is expected of you.   Professors are usually willing to work something out if you show that you’re serious and motivated.  You can haggle for some extra credit, extensions on deadlines, and resubmissions for higher marks.



Subscribing to a Global Classroom

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I used to feel like I wore an imaginary cone-shaped hat with the words DUNCE scribbled in bright red marker in my mathematics classes. The world of numbers and equations was always troublesome for me. My earliest memory of mathematics involves me crying over my workbook in grade school as I struggled with long division. I still have nightmares about that experience. Read more about Math Phobia here.



Grammar Humor

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Artist, web designer, and part-time grammarian, Matthew Inman, writes and draws all the content on his hilarious web page, The Oatmeal. His site features witty, satirical, comic-like illustrations ranging in topic from “Netflix splitting in two” to “What it’s like to own an Apple product”. Inman even has an entire category of comics dedicated to grammar. In the link below, he has put together a hilarious and informative comic on what he considers the “most feared punctuation on earth”, the semicolon. His illustration, which is available for purchase, reminds us that learning grammar can be fun!

Click here for Inman’s fun with the semicolon.


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

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A considerable amount of the students at MCNY are “adult learners”. While 18-25 year olds are adults, this term specifically refers to adults ages 35+. REAL adults. Adults with much more life experience then the average college student.
Adult Learners come here for our accelerated degree programs. The promise of a degree in a shortened time period is very attractive to the AL who feels that they have already lost some time.


Welcome Back! Fall 2011 LEC

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Important LEC Updates

We are delighted to share with you that the LEC has settled into it’s new permanent home. We are now located in the library at the end of the stacks.

To make an appointment, please contact:

Sandra Ariza; LEC Administrator

212.343.1234  EXT. 2438

*Appointments preferred; walk-ins are welcome if there is a specialist available.

Appointment can be made via email, phone or in-person.

Fall Tutorial Hours

Writing Tutorial Hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays 10-6PM

Thursdays 10-7PM, Fridays and Saturdays 10-5PM

Math Tutorial Hours:

Mondays 12-7PM, Tuesdays 11-5PM, Wednesdays 11-7PM

Thursdays 11-3PM, Fridays 2-7PM, Saturdays 10-5PM

Getting to Know the LEC Team

The LEC congratulates Parker Pracjeck as the new LEC Interim Academic Coordinator.

The LEC welcomes our newest math specialist to our team and MCNY community, Mr. Aleksandr Rusinov.

We welcome you to meet with any of our dedicated team of professionals.

LEC Announcements

Luminaria Special Issue: COMING SOON

The long awaited upcoming issue of the LEC newsletter, the Luminaria, will debut on the LEC Blog as an electronic issue!

This issue discusses Self Directed Learning from the perspective of faculty members and MCNY students through the use of interactive media.




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