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Sometimes you can’t see things because of strings

By Theodor Damian

That’s how we go through life
like through an over-layered picture
or through the old warehouse
in Omaha, Nebraska
with shoes in shop windows
and shop windows in shoes –
only American Express, Visa and Discover
everything in the warehouse
hangs on strings
Tom Blackwell paints business front signs
left to right
or right to left
or upside down
because now to show a front
you have to be backwards
everything reflects in everything else
the bus in the shoe
the shoes in the bus
those walking above
in those walking below
and the other way round
stars hang from the warehouse’s dome
in the old town in Nebraska
left to right
and right to left
until no one knows
who illuminates what
and who whom
the lights reflect
has separated from florsheim
and wanders among shoppers
you don’t know if you’ll be tagged with a price
and if you will ever be able to distinguish
between virtue and vice.

Theodor Damian, born in Romania, currently lives in New York, USA. Since 1992 he has been a professor of Philosophy and Ethics at the Metropolitan College of New York, Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education, president of the Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality. He is a poet and director of “Lumina Lina/ Gracious Light” trimestrial magazine and has published over 15 books in the fields of theology, philosophy, and poetry.


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