Specialist Hours for Spring 2014

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How to schedule a session

We find that most students choose to schedule sessions in person, either with their specialist or with our office manager, Sandra Ariza. But you can call and/or email your specialist at any time (see below for current specialist hours in Manhattan and the Bronx) or call and/or email Sandra, ext. 2438, sariza@mcny.edu.

Specialist Hours, Manhattan Campus, Room 1293

Nathan (ext. 2418, nschiller@mcny.edu): Tue, 2-5; Wed, 9-6; Thur, 9-6

Polly (ext. 2429, pbresnick@mcny.edu): Tue 9-6:30; Wed, 4-8; Thur, 9-6:30; Fri, 9-6:30; Sat 10-2

Yasmine (ext. 2416, yalwan@mcny.edu): Mon, 9:30-11:15, 1:30-6:30; Tue, 9:30-6:30; Wed, 9-10:15, 12:30-6:30

Barrington (ext. 2449, bscott@mcny.edu): Mon, 1-7; Tue, 4-7; Wed, 1-7; Thur, 12:30-7

Aleksandr (ext. 2446, arusinov@mcny.edu): Mon, 2-3 (group only); Tue, 2-6; Fri, 2-6; Sat, 2-5

Specialist Hours, Bronx Extension Center, Room 508

Nathan (ext. 4011, nschiller@mcny.edu): Mon, 9-5; Tue, 9-1; Sat, 9-12

Aleksandr (ext. 4006, arusinov@mcny.edu): Wed, 3-7; Sat, 10-1


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