Time Management: Strategies For Success

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Clocks are set correctly.

Here at The Specialist, we have quick links to every Student Lingo webinar offered through the LEC. Webinars (website + seminar) are innovative and interactive tools to enhance, or help you brush up on, your skills in various areas and subjects. They last 20-30 minutes and are taught by living, breathing professionals who patiently guide you through the topic. The best part? You can take them on any device, at any time.

In this webinar, Time Management: Strategies For Success, you will learn:

  • Strategies to self-regulate learning
  • The 8-8-8 Formula for effective time management
  • To plan for both long and short-term goals
  • How to follow a three-tier time management system: creating a semester schedule, designing a weekly schedule, and making a daily schedule
  • Tips for following through the time management plan

To take Time Management: Strategies For Success, click here. You will be asked to fill out a short form, and the webinar will pop up in another window.


Luminaria: Volume 1, Issue 9

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  • Letter from the Editor
  • Learning the Tricks to College Life
  • Learning How to Learn: Academia’s Best Kept Secret
  • Learners Who Inherit the Future
  • Study Skills


Letter from the Editor

Sujey Batista, Writing Specialist

“The future belongs to those who are capable of being retrained again and again.”

—Daniel Burns

Salutations Readers,

Our latest issue discusses one of the most valuable skills one can possess as a student and working professional: the ability to learn. Lifelong learning is vital for those who seek success throughout their working lives. Those who can successfully acquire and apply this part skill, part survival tactic are more likely to thrive in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world. Lifelong learners embrace the idea of learning as a mechanism for improvement as professionals and human beings.

The submissions from our team explore this topic from a variety of angles. Aside from providing readers with a conceptual understanding of the skill, we discuss the relevance of this ability in correlation with current workforce trends and its connection to Purpose-Centered Education. The issue features an interactive piece that explores the benefits of study skills as an effective learning strategy. Another section, dedicated to the student reader, provides insight on skills that, when mastered, can ease the challenges of college life. We’ve provided our readers with valuable insight that, in combination with a self-directed attitude and open-mind, can help anyone accomplish their most valued goals. Enjoy!






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