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Online Registration via Self-Service

Student Instructions (PDF version of this page)

  1. Complete a FAFSA for current school year Log-in to Self-Service

  2. Stop List
    • If you have a stop/hold on your account, you cannot register online until you clear your hold(s)
    • For a complete list of stops/holds click here
    • Example below shows Bursar hold with a number which you can call to resolve the issue
    Stop Example

  3. Click on On-Line Registration Click on On-Line Registration

  4. Click on Academic Plan
    • Print or review Academic Plan
      If you do not have an Academic Plan, please see your Advisor in Student Services
    • If you have Transfer Credits (designated TR), make sure all TR credits are entered accurately
    • Identify courses need to complete and take for the next semester
    • Identify or write down course codes
    Click on Academic Plan Print or View your academic plan

  5. At the end of the Academic Plan are Courses Not Assigned to this Academic Plan
    • If you have courses in this section, they are not being counted toward your degree
    • See you Advisor in Student Services
    Courses not assigned to this Academic Plan

  6. Click Register for Classes
    • Select a Period you want to register for (i.e., Summer 2013)
    • Status should state OK to register
    • If screen states You are not eligible to register at this time then please see Student Services
    Select a Period you want to register for You are not eligible to register at this time

  7. Select your Registration Period (i.e., 2013/Spring) Registration Period

  8. Click on Section Search Registration Period

  9. Basic Search
    • Enter in Course Code (i.e., MIS CC 130)
      Type in course you identified from your Academic Plan that you will take in Summer 2013
    • Select Period (i.e., Summer 2013)
    • Click Search
    Basic Search

  10. Find course with the time and day that fits in your schedule
    1. Click Add on right hand side of course
    2. Course is added into your shopping cart
    3. "Add" button goes away once you have added the course to your cart
    4. To add another course click Refine Search and enter a different course code
    5. After you have added all your courses to register then click Proceed to Registration
    Find Course

  11. Review the courses you added in your cart
    1. Remove any course in your cart that you do not want to enroll in
    2. Click Next to register for all courses in your cart
    Review the courses you added in your cart

  12. Courses have been registered and you are awaiting advisor approval
    • Click Next
    • Advisor will be notified to that you have you have submitted a schedule for approval
    • Advisor will review and if approved then you will be registered for courses
    Awaiting advisor approval

  13. Final screen: you have completed the online registration process! Final screen

  14. Follow-up:
    • If your Advisor approves your schedule, you will get an email notification
    • Log-in to Self-Service and verify that you are officially registered for your class
    • Students will be able to Add/Drop courses online before the first day of classes
    • Review your registered class schedule under the Classes tab
    • You will be notified via email notification to your IQ Mail by the Bursar office of your billing statement
    • View your billing information in Self-Service under the Finances tab

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