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How to Update Content On MCNY’s Website

With approximately 10,000 daily visitors, the MCNY website it is a uniquely important communications tool both internally and externally.

You will want to be sure that your material, the content that reflects your particular area of the College, is up-to-date, easy to read and relevant.

To enable MCNY staff and administrators to keep the information on our site current, and to initiate changes to a particular section of the site, as well as make suggestions about the site in general, we’ve developed three forms so that you can share your input with the Internet Marketing & Development staff.

Making Routine Updates
If you need to make simple changes in copy, post special events and dated material, as well as all other current information, please complete the Routine Update Form. Examples of a routine update would include: new faculty bios; changing the wording in a section, putting an event or announcement on the TODAY AT MCNY page or deleting outdated information.

Revising a Section
If you want to make changes to the section of the site that corresponds to your department’s function or your position, please complete the Revising a Section Form. Examples of a revision to a section of the site would be to change the navigation within a section, add a sub-section (i.e. FAQs), or work with the Web team on re-vamping the entire section.

Submitting a New Proposal
If you have an idea, for any section of the website, or the website in general, please feel free to share it with us by completing the New Proposal Form. An example of a new proposal would be creating a new feature, such as a discussion board, RSVP forms or creating a new section for the website.

In an effort to keep our website consistent and user-friendly, the Department of Internet Marketing & Development has the responsibility of revising and editing and formatting all submitted content according to industry practices and the strategic goals of the College.


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