45 Credits*
3 Semesters
12 Months

Enrollment Options

Full-time / Part-time

Classes Offered

Onsite / Hybrid

*Six additional credits for students with no business background.

The MBA in Financial Services offered by Metropolitan College of New York is the only one of its kind in the region that was developed with the financial services sector in mind. It’s different from other similar programs because it addresses how a financial service’s business functions. It’s also intentionally designed to give you the managerial skills, industry expertise and ethical framework to stand out in your profession – and your community. This MBA can also be completed at an accelerated pace.

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Based on over 43 years of research and development, our approach to learning is deeply rooted in business and highly responsive to shifts that regularly occur in international business. The curriculum reflects cutting-edge global business education with an infusion of ethics, communications and technological applications to produce graduates who are financial service specialists, who are familiar with every aspect of that industry, and who have also mastered the art of applying what they learn to actual business situations while working.

Professionals who earn their MBA in Financial Services at MCNY have gone on to become managers and directors in major banks and financial institutions, administrators at hospitals and medical centers, management consultants, marketing & advertising professionals, as well as work in the public and non-profit sectors.

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International Field Study

  • Apply your MBA skills and knowledge in an international setting.
  • Work in a group setting within a multicultural global context.

  • Gain hands-on, practical experience solving real business issues and challenges.

Our MBA curriculum’s intensive international field study component is an action-oriented immersive experience. During past international field study trips, students have traveled to England and Germany International Field Studies are postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 complications with travel. For 2022, the School for Business will be offering a virtual/hybrid (Local NYC) international field study experience.

2015 MCNY MBA Field Study trip to Frankfurt and London