Each semester of the MBA Media Management program combines academic study with actual managerial experience. In the first semester, students perform an extensive strategic assessment and develop a research report on their findings as a foundation for the future planning and implementation of their chosen business ventures. In the second semester, students develop strategic business and marketing plans for their entrepreneurial ventures and in the final semester, students implement, actualize and evaluate their ventures. These three interrelated activities document the Constructive Actions, which uniquely reflect each MBA student’s ability to use current management tools to effectively assess, manage and implement.

Purpose 1 Purpose 2 Purpose 3
Constructive Action  Industry & Venture: Strategic Industry Analysis Business Planning: Strategic Planning Actualization & Evaluation: Strategic Management & Evaluation
Values & Ethics Entertainment Law & Media Ethics Media Contract Drafting & Negotiations Media, Culture and Society
Self & Others New Media: Cyber, Social, Mobile and Beyond Media Marketing in a Global Environment Global Business and International Practicum
Systems Business and Economics of the Film Industry Music and Publishing Industries Managing Electronic Broadcast Industries
Skills Managerial Accounting Managerial Economics Managerial Finance
Credits 15 15 15

Foundation courses

Managerial Statistics Principles of Management & Marketing Principles of Financial Accounting Principles of Economics & Finance