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Erinne M. Perry – A Degree that Opens Doors to a Career with A Big Four Firm

A Master’s that Opens Doors to a Career with: A Big Four Firm.

Soon after graduating in August 2014 with a Master’s of Business Administration in Financial Services, Erinne M. Perry landed her “dream job”—and is now a senior tax consultant at one of the “big four” firms. The 24-year-old Queens resident credits her success to her MBA, which enabled her to join the firm at a higher position than she otherwise would have.


While researching potential MBA programs, MCNY was the only school that offered what I was looking for in a degree. As a CPA, I believed it imperative to learn more about the financial services industry. Also, the evening program was very flexible with my work schedule. I was able to earn my degree while studying for the CPA exam and working at a tax firm full time.

Ultimately, I feel confident that I can utilize what I’ve learned in my respective MBA program in any business environment. Already possessing an accounting background, I found it advantageous to learn more about financial services. Organizations outside of the sector have always desired leaders with in-depth financial know-how, and as we see how the global economy has been emerging over the years, this specific knowledge is both timely and extremely valuable. With both accounting and financial services background, I trust I will be of more value to any firm.

What did MCNY’s Purpose-Centered Education mean to you?

Many times in school, we take courses that will never apply to our profession. However, with MCNY’s Purpose-Centered approach, everything I’ve learned has proven relevant. I also really liked the cohort model. It enforced the importance of working collaboratively and effectively in groups—something that is essential in the business world.

Tell us about your Constructive Action plan. How has it impacted your career?

I focused my Constructive Action (CA) on Basketball C.A.M.P., a non-profit my best friend, Chantal A. Mitchell, founded to help marginalized South African youth succeed not only in sports but in life as well. Because of my accounting background, and my love for the game, Chantal asked me to join the board as the chief accounting officer. This job entails supervising and regulating all of the organization’s finances and financial patrons.

Around the time I started my MBA at MCNY, Chantal was in the process of drafting the constitution; this was perfect timing! I was able to utilize the experience and expertise of my professors to complete our constitution and business plan. With their help, we were able to create a business plan and raise funds for Basketball C.A.M.P.’s first annual youth camp. The research, organizing and extensive writing involved in creating my CA plan helped give the proper structure for writing a business plan and mindset needed to be successful in pursuit of obtaining our nonprofit organization (NPO) status.