2008 Master’s in Public Affairs and Administration (MPA) alumna, Luz Maria Mack takes her double/triple duty very seriously. As a mother of three and a full-time Administrator at Urban Health Plan, she has to know how to balance priorities. And Luz has quite a few priorities on her plate!

“This economy really teaches individuals that you have to have diverse abilities,” says Luz Maria Mack, “This, and how to manage priorities, was a big part of what I learned at MCNY and a huge factor in completing my degree while raising a family and pursuing multiple careers.”

Luz has always been a person who will go to great lengths to lend a helping hand.  Her career choice was no coincidence. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from City College which she puts to good use along with her MPA. Even while working and raising a family, Luz helped her father, a Bishop to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as a volunteer service coordinator. In that role, she worked with various faith and non-faith leaders to bring free training and service projects together in the South Bronx. She collaborated with the President of the Women’s Relief Society in identifying ways to deliver compassionate services to ward members, churches, community-based organizations, and hospitals. In addition, she created events with guest speakers from various institutions to provide free training sessions and workshops for families on a variety of topics including food justice, climate change, and emergency preparedness.

Family and education are a big part of Luz Mack’s life.  Tying the two together came naturally when writing her bilingual children’s book, Little Maria.

“My inspiration for the book was teaching my children about my childhood.  I wanted to share what children’s experiences are like in other countries, while also expanding their use and knowledge of our family’s native language and culture.”

Little Maria is now available in English & Spanish, Italian or French. The Little Maria series will continue with Little Maria Super Helper.   Mack is also working on a new series, Incredible You, which will focus on building confidence and self-love in children.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Luz now lives in the Bronx with her husband Tony and their three children;  Andrea, Chloe, and Tony.