“The online advanced standing course shows that I can work independently and will reach out for help if needed. Getting in contact with my fellow classmates was a breeze because I have two ways to reach them through Moodle or student email. If I did not understand a task they were always available to assist me with a better understanding.”

Donna Burstine Spring 2018

What makes it better than a traditional classroom is the flexibility it provides working professional to do the work and receive essential feedback for their academic improvement. The case studies also helped me to become more confident that in the specific moments when faced with issues relating to efficiently representing the needs of my agency, that I would make have the skills needed to make the best decisions and or course of actions to solve specific problems. My confidence has increased because of the arch of the advanced standing. This model is useful for the working professional that hopes to refine their abilities. Case studies provide a unique opportunity for self-assessment that becomes valuable to any human service professional as they progress with their goal of serving.

Jermaine Sean Smith – Spring 2018

“My overall experience of online learning specific to this course was challenging.  It forced me to do a real deep introspection of my professional career. At times I became overwhelming, but not enough to make me give up.

The advantage of an asynchronous online environment is that you know what is next.  You could pretty much calculate where you start and end.  Things are not happening at the same time and spread out allowing you time to draft your next assignment.  The disadvantage is no different than if I was in a classroom; having time management skills.  Being able to sustain a good balance between family role, work, and education is required in order to be efficient in all areas of life. Time management is a skill and once we master that our everyday life would be much easier to sustain and manage in all areas.”

Sonya Ford – Summer 2018

“My supervision portfolio has changed how I view supervision in general. Initially, before I entered this class, I did not give much thought of myself as a supervisor. I felt as though I was there to make sure the employees executed their job as smoothly as possible. I was wrong. There is so much more to being a supervisor. Although I did guide my employees and teach them the innings of the job, I did not understand the strategies I was using to do those things. As a supervisor, I have hired and fired people. I had given coaching and counseling sessions when my employees were late several times in a month and were on the verge of suspension. This semester’s purpose has shown me that these things are an essential part of supervision. I was always under the impression that I was doing the dirty work that my managers did not want to be a part of.

Nicole Gurley – Summer 2018

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