The Victor M. Rivera Scholarship Will Help Transform Lives Through Education for
MCNY Bronx Students

Bronx, NY, November 12, 2020 — Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) will announce the Victor M. Rivera Scholarship at its Bronx campus (463 East 149th Street) on November 12th at 10:00 am. The twenty-five thousand dollar gift from MCNY alumnus Victor M. Rivera, ‘13 BPS, ’14 MPA and President & CEO of the Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc. (BPHN), will provide tuition support to two students, one male and one female, who reside in the Bronx. Eligible students will have to meet a GPA standard of 3.0 and will be formerly incarcerated or single parents.

Joanne Passaro“We are excited to be able to offer the Victor M. Rivera Scholarship to students who are striving to create more promising futures for themselves and their families through the power of Purpose-Centered Education,” said Joanne Passaro, President of MCNY, “We are thankful for this gift from Mr. Rivera, and we celebrate all that he does for our Bronx community. MCNY is proud to have him as an alumnus.”

Since its founding more than fifty years ago, MCNY has responded to social needs by offering innovative, work-embedded educational programs that harness the power of its unique approach, Purpose-Centered Education. MCNY alumnus Victor Rivera shares this passion to improve the lives of individuals and communities

MCNY students are working adults who confront and overcome, ongoing and overlapping challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our students, who have experienced job loss, illness, housing vulnerability, and food insecurity, all of which jeopardize their ability to remain in school. MCNY works to assure student success by addressing academic and personal needs by offering grants, scholarships, academic support and mental health counseling.Bronx Parent Housing NetworkThe Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc. was born out of the sheer necessity for addressing the street homelessness of one its founders, Victor M. Rivera. Rivera recounts his personal experiences with substance use, incarceration, gang violence, and homelessness. It is this personal commitment that drives BPHN’s mission toward transforming lives and creating paths to employment so that individuals and families can secure safe, affordable and permanent housing.

“MCNY and I have a shared mission and this scholarship is a step toward fulfilling it,” says Victor M. Rivera, MCNY Alumnus and President & CEO, BPHN “Nobody should have to choose between having shelter, paying bills or putting food on the table. Education built my path. Education helps people transform and stand on their own with pride knowing that THEY have made the choice to succeed for a better life—for their families and communities.”

About Metropolitan College of New York
Audrey Cohen, an educational visionary and activist, founded the Women’s Talent Corps in 1964. Through development and training for new professional positions, the Talent Corps created employment for thousands of people. It became The College for Human Services, later Audrey Cohen College, and today Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY). For over 50 years, MCNY has continued the tradition of offering highly motivated learners an education that combines applied skills with professional knowledge to effect personal transformation and positive change in the workplace and community. MCNY is a non-profit, accredited, private college. Year-round offerings accelerate degree completion and a unique approach to learning permits close integration of workplace activities and study. MCNY locations are in the Financial District at 60 West Street, New York, NY 10006 and in the Bronx at 463 East 149th Street, Bronx, NY 10455. For more information on MCNY, visit or call 212-343-1234.

About Victor M. Rivera, MCNY Alumnus and President & CEO, BPHN
2021 will mark the 20th Anniversary of Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc. (BPHN), which was born out of the sheer necessity for addressing the very personal street homelessness of its founders.

No leader is more passionate about getting homeless persons off the streets than Mr. Victor Rivera, who knows first-hand what it is like to be surviving the streets of Bronx, New York. It is this experience that allows him to have an exceptional perspective, leading BPHN’s service delivery through the eyes of homeless individuals and families.

As President & CEO and co-founder of BPHN, Victor Rivera, vividly recounts his desperation that is much like the situations of the homeless persons BPHN services. This personal commitment at the very top of the organizational structure drives the courtesy, care and respect that go into carrying out the organization’s mission.

Mr. Rivera obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Human Services in 2013 and his Master’s in Public Administration in 2014, both from Metropolitan College of New York.