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Emergency Operations & Procedures

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Student Handbook

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MCNY Fact Sheet

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Policy & Procedures for Reports of Misconduct

Policy and Procedures for Reports of Misconduct
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Purpose Handbooks

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Obtain your advisor’s signature and present it completed to the Office of the Registrar. Check the Academic Calendar for deadlines.
updated on: 07/27/15

Application for Course Withdrawal
Should you decide to withdraw after the add/drop period has expired, download, obtain the necessary signatures, and submit to the Office of the Registrar.
updated on: 03/08/16

Application for Degree
Submit this application in your final semester so that your folder may be audited for graduation.
updated on: 09/01/15

Application for Semester Withdrawal
Should you decide to withdraw after you have completed registration, download and fax this form.
updated on: 10/22/13

Change of Address
Update the MCNY database with your most recent contact information.
updated on: 03/28/06

Change of Degree/Curriculum
Complete this form to transfer between degrees and/or programs. Signatures required.
updated on: 02/08/05

GED requirements
Download to review the MCNY requirements for a GED. Present completed packet with a money order. Details inside.
updated on: 02/23/06

Grade Appeal
To appeal any grade received this past semester, follow the instructions and present by the posted deadline (see Registrar News).
updated on: 06/08/06

In-School Deferment
Attend at least four (4) weeks of the semester before applying for a loan deferment.
updated on: 10/14/10

Letter Request
Read thoroughly and follow the instructions. Specify the information that you would have the Office include in your letter or form.
updated on: 03/27/06

MCNY School for Business CLEP Chart
The MCNY Business course equivalents for CLEP examinations are listed in this chart.
updated on: 12/21/04

Name Change Affidavit
Modify your name by having this form notarized and presenting it in-person to the Office of the Registrar.
updated on: 02/04/05

Registration Form

Transcript Explanation
You may include this description of the College’s history and grading system with your application materials to other institutions.
updated on: 10/06/05

Transcript Request
Request a complete summary of your academic career at MCNY by visiting our transcript ordering site.
updated on: 01/12/18