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Metropolitan College of New York presents: Kenya & Tanzania IN FOCUS

In the MCNY Manhattan Campus Art Gallery Floors 6 & 7

The Opening Reception is September 12th and Kenya & Tanzania IN FOCUS will be on exhibition through December 19, 2018.

The MCNY Community is invited to join us for the Opening!


Artists Statement:  Our project celebrates the cultural differences between various tribal and urban people in Kenya and Tanzania.  In addition, we were able to capture the beautiful creatures that inhabit the grasslands and forests of those two countries.  It is so important to preserve both the cultures and ecosystems that exist there. It is our hope that this exhibit inspires people to advocate for these objectives.


Eileen McNamee has been photographing the world around her for the past two decades. Originally a hobbyist, Eileen has exhibited at numerous locations in the Bronx and Manhattan including Lehman College (Photographing Woodlawn, curated by Susan Hoeltzel) and Edgar Allen Poe Cottage Visitor’s Center (curated by Lucy Aponte). She also has several magazine photo credits.  Her main interests include photographing people and animals, as well as street photography, making Kenya and Tanzania an ideal location.

Walter Pofeldt was influenced by Life Magazine, Walker Evans, Dianne Arbus and many others. He has worked as staff photographer and freelancer for the Bronx Times Reporter and other publications over the last 15 years. As a professional, he has photographed a wide variety of events for organizations and the private sector. His main interests are photographing people, street photography, documentary work and travel. He is concerned with and a great supporter of conservation and environmental issues.

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